The famous Formula 1 racetrack of Hungaroring, located just outside Budapest, Hungary, has been the venue of the EffeXperience, a European event organized by Triangle Tyre Europe to fully launch its newest UHP tire, EffeXSport TH202.

The circuit, one of the most challenging and technical of the Formula 1 circus, has been the perfect scenario for the driving experience of 50 Triangle’s customers and 20 journalists from all over Europe, attending the 3-day event from 11 to 13 of June.


The aim of the event was to fully prove the UHP performances of the latest UHP tire, but at the same time make the attendees aware of the real A-rated labelling results obtained in wet braking by most of the EffeXSport sizes. This is the result of an integrated R&D team located between US and China, extensive testing in Europe and the fully-automated tire manufacturing, located in Huayang, China.


From Triangle, the whole European team was present at the event, joined by Wang Dapeng (PCR R&D Director), Xu Wendong (Export Manager for Europe) and Ray Collier of Tread Ltd, responsible for tire development testing.


The Hungaroring with its sharp turns, slippery surfaces, chicanes and a sequence of corners in quick succession, has represented the best proving ground to experience the latest UHP tire by Triangle.


Grip, traction, braking performance, confidence and fun driving, have been the prime words for all guests attending the Triangle 3-day event.


The participants were encouraged and assisted throughout the whole event by professional instructors, to drive 10 powerful cars, among them the Alpine A110S, BMW850i and Mercedes AMG, all fitted with different sizes of the EffeXSport.


The interaction, the steering response, the torque and the feedback that the tire gives to the driver have represented the keys to an involving driving experience during the fast laps on the challenging Hungaroring circuit.


When pushed beyond the limit, a structured tire such as the EffeXSport, with the ultimate compound, gives the feeling of nice and smooth break away transition and the natural recovery control a safe tire has to provide.


Not only speed and adrenaline have been the peculiarities of the EffeXperience days, but also stability and handling have been tested during the event.


The Groupama proving ground, a testing area inside the Hungaroring, was home of the wet braking and slalom driving exercises, where customers and journalists, with the help of the instructors, have been challenged by constant and unexpected water walls made to stress the expertise of the driver as well as the limits of the car and the tire.


When control, handling and braking are conjoined in the tire, the whole balance of the car becomes not only safe and stable, then it also becomes enjoyable to drive.



EffeXSport is a modern asymmetric tire with four wide longitudinal grooves, and it represents a milestone and a great leap forward in the history of the Company, achieving an A grade label on wet braking in more than half of its range.


Thanks to its advanced technologies, Triangle has been able to bridge the trade-off between performance and comfort, developing a tire with excellent results in both dry and wet braking, driving precision, stability at high speed and wear resistance.


EffeXSport product line-up consists today of 54 sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches and it will be further enlarged by the end of the year, with the addition of 50 more sizes.


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