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Overview of National Engineering Laboratory for Tire Design and Manufacturing Technology


The National Engineering Laboratory is an integrated research and development entity under industry-university-research cooperation established by enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities. It is an industrial innovation platform initiated by the state to improve national independent innovation capabilities and satisfy the national strategic demands for economic development. It represents the highest level and authoritative technology in scientific research and experiments of the industry. It has the authority to formulate industry technical standards and set technical requirements for industry access. In principle, only one such laboratory is established for each industry. Currently there are over 100 national engineering laboratories in China, which are of great significance for promoting economic and social development.

The National Engineering Laboratory for Tire Design and Manufacturing Technology was established with Triangle Group as the leading organization as approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The Laboratory has passed the acceptance inspection in December 2016 and presently serves as the technological innovation platform leading the development of the tire industry in China. 


Considering the gaps in high-end manufacturing technologies and new product industrialization of the tire industry of China, especially the bottleneck problems such as applied research on new materials for high-performance radial tires, comprehensive research on multi-functional and full-range products, control on new techniques and processes, etc., related scientific research platforms are established on tire design, process, manufacturing and engineering techniques for researches in terms of core tire design technology, advanced tire manufacturing technology, tire compound design, special tire design and manufacturing engineering technology, tire testing, inspection and performance analysis technology, etc.

In the process of construction and development of the National Engineering Laboratory, efforts should be made to closely focus on the development demands of the tire industry, improve the capabilities of independent innovation on related R&D, positively complete scientific research projects assigned by related national department,  work on key problem tackling of related key industrial technology and research and formulation of important technological standards, and gather and cultivate technological innovation based talents urgently needed by the industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Scientific Foundation and Capabilities of the Laboratory

The National Engineering Laboratory has a total construction area of 15,000 square meters with 160 pieces (sets) of advanced scientific research equipment, including tire material analysis instruments such as nuclear magnetism and electron mirror as well as finished tire performance testing platforms such as semi-anechoic chamber, six-component force test bench and roll resistance tester. The test data is under centralized management via the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  Presently, the Tire Rolling Resistance Laboratory has been identified as benchmark laboratory for automobile tire rolling resistance testing laboratories by the Chemical Metrology Control Branch under the China Metrology Association (CMA). It is also a certified laboratory by TÜV Rheinland and TÜV SÜD. In addition, the National Engineering Laboratory has worked on the construction of the digital simulation platform, including methods such as digital tire design, performance simulation and budget and digital manufacturing simulation.

Based on the National Engineering Platform, Triangle Group has been keeping pace with international trends and directions of tire technology development, organizing technical forces on research and development of new materials, new devices new processes, new formulas, etc., working on research on cutting-edge technical tasks such as green tires, special function tires, giant tires, wide section tires and run-flat tires. Such technological innovation efforts have greatly promoted the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones and high quality development of the tire industry of China. 

Overview of Triangle Tyre Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center


To implement the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Industrial Design"(MIIT Industry No. [2010] 390), accelerate the development of industrial design of China, promote the integration of productive services and modern manufacturing, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and encourage the construction of industrial design centers and industrial design enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China initiated the identification of national industrial design centers in 2012.

Industrial design refers to innovative activities that take industrial products as objects, integrate scientific and technological achievements as well as the knowledge on engineering, aesthetics, psychology, economics, etc. to integrate and optimize the functions, structures, shapes, packaging, etc. of the products. A national industrial design center refers to an industrial design center or industrial design enterprise that has been identified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as having strong industrial design innovation capabilities, distinctive features, standardized management and outstanding performance with the development level taking the lead and ranking top in the country.

Triangle Tyre Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center was established in 2005 and was recognized as a national industrial design center in 2015. Meanwhile, the Company has also been listed as a pilot enterprise for ecological (green) design of industrial products.

Since its establishment, the Center has been committed to promoting the development of industrial design of the tire industry of China as well as the integration with intelligent manufacturing and green development. It has become a new engine to promote the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones.

Focusing on the goal of building a globally renowned brand, the Center has formed five design sections for passenger vehicle tires, commercial vehicle tires, giant engineering radial tires, military and special tires as well and aviation tires and realized the system design capacity from the exploration of user demands to product definition, design and then to industrialization. Meanwhile, it has established an open collaborative innovation design network to achieve differentiated design and personalized customization and has been regarded as a national quality benchmark. 

Overview of Tire Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance

The Tire Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “Alliance”) refers to a cooperation-based organization on technological innovation established by enterprises, colleges, universities, scientific institutions and other related organizations based on the development demands of enterprises and common interests of all parties with the objective of improving the technological innovation capabilities of the industry. The Alliance is guaranteed by legally binding agreements with the features of joint development, superiority supplementation as well as shared benefits and risks. The Alliance is an important platform for the implementation of national technological innovation project. The establishment and development of the Alliance is an urgent demand to integrate technological innovation resources and concentrate innovation elements to enterprises within the industry. It is also an effective path to promote integrated technological innovation, enhance the technological innovation ability and intensify the core competitive edges of the industry.

Tenet of the Alliance: 

Select key problems to be tackled as per the principle of appropriate balance of processing technology, material preparation and development of manufacturing technologies for key equipment to shorten the cycle of new technology from laboratory to industrialization and form industrialized technologies with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands. The Alliance also works on explorations and practices on multiple aspects such as sharing platform of technological resources, mechanism for transfer and transmission of new technologies, creation and application of intellectual property rights as well as joint trainings of talents.

Organization of the Alliance:

1. The Alliance is initiated and established with the core members of leading manufacturing enterprises of the tire industry, enterprises with technological superiorities in related industries as well as colleges, universities, research and design institutions with tire manufacturing research basis.

2. Members of the Alliance define and clarify the rights and obligations, sharing of intellectual property rights and distribution of benefits of related parties by means of agreements.

3. The Alliance has a Board of Directors, an Expert Committee and a Secretariat, of which the Secretariat is the administrative body of the Alliance. The Secretariat is based in the Department of Science and Technology under China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA).

Technological Innovation of the Alliance 

Independent innovation is made on new material technology, core equipment technology, new process technology, information-based technology, etc. according to the technological development trends of the tire industry and the demands to enhance the core competitive edges of enterprises. Importance is attached to the research of common key technologies of the industry such as high-efficiency and energy-saving rubber mixing processing technology, complete set of technology and equipment for the industrialization of radial tires used for intelligent and environmental passenger cars with high safety, key technologies including the development, application and clean production of environmental and new type raw materials as well as production technology of all-steel cord framework materials with high strength and new structure. 

With efforts under the medium and long-term plans, the Alliance will promote the levels of key material manufacturing, processing technology, core equipment manufacturing, etc. of the tire industry of China to globally advanced levels, develop common technologies to satisfy the demands of industrial development, guide the tire industry and related industries of China onto a sustainable new type industrialization path with high technological contents, independent intellectual property rights, favorable economic benefits, low resource consumptions, small environmental pollutions and fully exertion of the superiorities of human resources. With such efforts, China will be shifted from a major power in terms of production volume to a major power in terms of overall strength within the tire industry in the world. 

The Alliance adheres to the technological development principle of the cooperation of “Industry, University, Research and Application” and implements technological cooperation accessible by members of the Alliance and related industries. Efforts are made to jointly break through and development core technologies on new materials, energy saving and emission reduction, fully utilize innovation resources of the members of the Alliance, improve the utilization efficiency of the technological innovation resources, promote sharing of intellectual property rights and establish the technological innovation chains within the industry.

By independent development, the Alliance aims to establish core technology and achievements with independent intellectual property rights, accelerate large-scale commercial applications of innovative achievements, improve the core competitive edges of enterprises and promote the upgrading of industrial structure.

The platform of the Alliance aims to promote the joint trainings, communications and interactions of technological talents of the members of the Alliance, make the Alliance an important base to train high-level tire manufacturing talents, establish an important base to attract overseas talents on technological development of tires and high polymer materials and continuously enhance the sustained innovation abilities of the industry. 

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