HR Policies

Talent Values

Value Creators Foremost, Dream Seekers Highlighted

Value Creation

Improve customer satisfaction and create values with technology, resource, labor and knowledge as tools and means by satisfying customer demands.

Value Evaluation 

Make all-round evaluation with “Fair & Objective, Open & Transparent” as principle, enterprise strategy and customer satisfaction as basic points and working attitude, knowledge and skill, executive capability and actual contribution as entry points. 

Value Distribution 

Respect the core position of value creators; make focused and layered distribution based on value creation according to the subjects of value creation and the contributions of each element in value creation with balanced distribution of both labor and capital.

Differential Pattern

Undertaking, Community of Shared Interests

Cored Talents

Leading figures of Triangle who set examples in practicing the Triangle cultures, spare no efforts in Triangle’s undertakings, continuously devote values, form community of shared destinies with Triangle. They serve as the “central systems” to gather various resources, share the growth stages with Triangle and continuously maximize their values of life by continuous input of superior resources.

Key Talents

Backbone figures of Triangle who conscientiously fulfill Triangle’s cultures, have strong initiatives, contribute values to the organization and form community with shared goals. They can access and utilize various types of superior resources provided that they can contribute to the Company with personal values. They are provided with broad platforms for career development to promote personal careers.

Basic Talents

Corner stones of Triangle who agree Triangle’s cultures, have upright working attitudes, working on innovations, add values to their posts and form community of shared interests. They’re the basic elements of right and accountability of the talent system of the Company and are offered with competitive remunerations. They can accessible systematic career development systems and are provided with scientific guidance and resource supports in personal career development.

Training Development

Dream, Responsibility, Learning and Practice

Triangle takes realizing and promoting added value of human capitals as important goal and applies a layered and focused training model by integrating multiple training methods. Training categories covering all aspects of the development and growth of the staff have been set up and training systems corresponding to the qualification system have been established to offer pertinent and continuous trainings according to the specific conditions of every staff, continuously enhance the abilities of the staff while guaranteeing position requirements, and realize the joint growth of the enterprise and individuals.

Triangle adheres to the principle of “Person-Job Fit”, provides career development channels on profession and management for staff. Qualification standards have been established by hierarchies and categories according to the four aspects of “morality, diligence, ability and performance”. In addition, transfer standards and paths are provided among different career channels and different hierarchies. The personal career development is promoted by systematic guarantee on resources and systems.

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