14th of April 2024 – Crevedia, Titi Aur Academy –

The venue for the main 2024 Triangle event in Romania was the TitiAur Academy in Crevedia, Dambovita County, where a total of 80 guests were welcomed by the TRIANGLE TYRE representatives and the ALCAR team.


Titi Aur Academy is a professional driving school that teaches both normal drivers in the secrets of a much safer and even economical style of driving on the public roads, but also prepares racing drivers for rally and other type of motorsport events. The premises comprise of facilities both for theoretical learning / presentations and also of multiple tracks that can be used according to the needs of the event. Also, The ATA (Titi Aur Academy) school has a team of around 30 professional drivers that teach and supervise the proceedings at any moment.


The TRIANGLE TRACK DAY event was divided in two main sections. The first one took place indoors. And it was a comprehensive presentation of the Triangle brand and products, and of the ALCAR team and its efforts to offer these great tires to the Romanian market.


For the second section, the most exhilarating part of the TRIANGLE TRACK DAY, the customers took to the tracks prepared by the ATA (Titi Aur Academy) professional instructors.

There were three main courses that involved all the aspects of driving a tire on public roads.

First there was a course for off-road driving, where customers accompanied by ATA teachers took the wheel of a Dacia Duster and a Mitsubishi L200.


For the next level, customers had to pass trough a handling and braking area, aboard cars such as Renault Megane or Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.


The third and most sought after event in TRIANGLE TRACK DAY was the speed track. In this challenging course, the customers could see how well the Triangle tires managed to respond to Audi RS4 power.


In total there were 11 cars on the track at TRIANGLE TRACK DAY Event, including three Audi RS4 that have 480 BHP and two Mercedes A45 AMG of 360 BHP – these five cars being equipped with EffeXSport TH202. The flagship tires of the brand were accompanied by other great models in the lineup such as ReliaXTouring TE307 SeasonX TA01 and AgileX A/T TR292 that offered similar performances on the other cars that we had in the event.


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