On July 5, 2019, the Fourth Triangle Tire Riding on the Way of Public Welfare was started.

Triangle Tire has been actively promoting and fulfilling social responsibility with customers, serving the society with high-quality products, rewarding the society with love, and adhering to the cause of public welfare.


On July 5, 2019, the 4th “Triangle Tire Riding on the Way of Public Welfare” event is launched as scheduled in Xinjiang. Triangle Tire and Urumqi Annaitong Company once again organize the Love Fleet. The fleet crosses a distance of 500km on the Gobi to the Aktumusk Elementary School to bring love and cares to the children.


The “Triangle Tire Riding on the Way of Public Welfare” Initiative was originated from the Tour of Love organized by Urumqi Annaitong Company, dealer of Triangle Tire, in 2016. The Initiative covers three stops of Yili, Hami and Boli. And this year is the 4th year for the Initiative. 


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