Triangle Group held 2010-2011 Conference

On Jan 28, Triangle Group held 2010-2011 Conference for reviewing the work in 2010 and looking into the future in 2011.

Company’s chairman Mr. Ding Yuhua addressed with the topic “to pust the company step further by seeking opportunities among the process of quickening the pace of economic model transition, to put solid foundation for the next five-year”. The conference made a summit of during the 11th five-year and achievements in 2010, prized advanced groups and individual in 2010, and guided the direction of development of 2011.

During the 11th five-year, Tringle Group output, operation income and import&outport trading volume had respectively increased 1.8 fold, 1.3 fold and 1.9 fold, accumulated tax volume was 0.22 billion RMB. In 2010, operation income was 1.62 billion RMB. While having affirmed achievements in 2010, Mr Ding Yuhua pointed out problems and shortages, emphasized that we should face changes and challenges positively, behave actively to adapt macro environment, and seize opportunies during the process of shortcomings finding and solution.

Mr Ding Yuhua also deployed working plans for 2011. He said, 2011 was an important year to follow up plans of th 12th five-year. In the coming new year, with unprecedented difficulties, challenges and chances, we have to unswervingly stick to the core value of our company, profit as the core, unswervingly stick to transformation of developent model and adjustment of structure, and new production power creation, and unswervingly stick to the direction towards enterprise globlization.


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