37.00R57 Jumbo OTR Radial Launched Successfully

At 0:30, on 15th of June, the first unit of 37.00R57 TB599 jumbo OTR radial tires was launched successfully in the Jumbo OTR workshop of Huasheng Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Triangle Group. This is an important member of the series of jumbo OTR radial tire family, a key project developed by Triangle. With the diameter of 3.44 m and section width of 1.05 m, the new tire weighs 3,590 kg. The whole design process undergoes the safety coefficient calculation and repeated verifications to ensure its safety in application and feasibility in manufacturing process. The two-stage building machine of Jumbo OTR radial tires, developed by Triangle and Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd, gives its debut in the launch of the new tire. After installation and adjustment, the machine works smoothly and precisely to meet the demand of Jumbo OTR production.

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