Triangle held 2013 China Business Summit

On 21st, February, Triangle held 2013 China Business Summit. Dealers from China were together in Weihai, sharing marketing experience in 2012 and discussing the new marketing mode in 2013.In 2012, Triangle Tire Company was active to meet the severe domestic situation, adopted bravely a pattern of regional management, enhanced the domestic tire market and enlarged the market share. It is reported that there were 109 products released to the market. In 2013, the company will continue to push the transformation and upgrading, establish new productivity, and promote "green tire”.

In 2012, the company closed the low-end production line of passenger tires, and obsoleted the low capacity. At the same time, it actively developed the markets and products of high value, high performance and high technology. The focus of commercial car tire market changed from mining products, overloading products to the highway cars, city buses and standard vehicles. In 2012, the sale of the products of high value, high performance and high technology increased by 24% than that of last year. The products witnessed the 52%, 45%, and 28% increase respectively in Russia, Central & East Africa and Central & South America. There were 109 products released to the market in the same year, of which the commercial tire met the fuel-efficiency standards of EPA. Among these products, the passenger cars and commercial vehicles has met the requirement of the new EU labeling law, the noise testing level reached the 2016 standards of EU(72DB)

In 2012, the company organized to draft 4 national standards, participated in UN World vehicle Code Forum in Geneva,and joined the formulation of Global Technological Regulation of Tire; another 46 patents authorization were got. Up to date, we have got 242 patents in rubber and tire science and technology area , of which 21 are  invention patents, 24 are international patents. The company led the way in domestic tire industry.

In 2012, so many countries made higher requirements on tire performance. Industrialization plan and discipline of green tire will be issued recently in our country, which would be finally geared to international labeling law. In 2013, at the same time when the company speeds up the transformation and upgrading and construct new productivity, it will also develop and promote green tire.

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