Joining hands with BAW Group,convoying two sessions

The first meeting of the 12th National People's Congress was held on 5th, March in Beijing. The motorcade of BAW Group, which offered the service for the representatives of NPC, has become beautiful scenery in Tiananmen Square. Most of “shoes” on the bus also made a big event for this meeting.

According to the introduction of responsible person from BAW Group, their company offered 449 cars for this conference, 121 large buses and 328 mini buses. Most cars they offered were mounted with Triangle tire. The responsible person from BAW Group and the drivers made high evaluation on Triangle tire.

Nie Jianhua, a driver in BAW Group, told the reporter that, the most important thing of the safeguard vehicles was safe and convenience. Beijing was foggy and slippery in the morning, while Triangle tire had the good ability of road holding and anti-skidding, so the triangle tire can make them feel at ease.

He added, the fuel-efficiency of Triangle tire is good. “the representatives of the NPC lived in ACFTU Hotel-Beijing,where is 7km away from Great Hall of the People. Using Triangle tire, 4% fuel was saved per 100 km and it is useful for the environmental protection.”

Triangle group has been on the way of green production. In 2009, Ding Yuhua, the Chairman of the board, began to call for the green production; in October, 2011, the commercial tire passed the SMARTWAY certificate of EPA and become the tire of low rolling resistance; in the same year, the company decided to close bias light truck tire and heavy load tire production line, which has 34 years history.

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