Triangle Group donated RMB 5 million Yuan to the earthquake-stricken Ya’an

On April 22, the reporter learned from Weihia Charity federation, Triangle Tire Co., Ltd, the leader of China domestic tire industry, decided to donate RMB 5 million Yuan to the earthquake-stricken Ya’an, Sichuan province.

At 8:02AM on April 20, a magnitude 7.0 level earthquake struck the Lushan County (30.3°N, 103.0°E) in Ya’an city, Sichuan province. The sudden disaster resulted in serious casualties and destruction of houses. The safety issue has attracted attention of thousands of Chinese people and also affected the hearts of all Triangle employers. As soon as the news was spreaded, Ding Yuhua, the chairman of Triangle Tire Co., Ltd, immediately held an emergency meeting with all senior managers and instructed to establish the emergency aid fund for Ya’an. The company donated 5 million RMB through the Charity federation for emergency savaltion and reconstruction to help them to reconstruct their beautiful homes.

Triangle Tire company is the largest tire production company in China. In many years of operation, it has insisted the coordinated development of economic benefit, social benefit and environmental benefit, fulfilling the social responsibilities, participating various public welfare undertakings. The company also donated Relief supplies such as tire for Wenchuan earthquake occurred on May 12, 2008, making the contribution to the disaster-relief work.

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