2013 Triangle Group Global Business Summit

May 18, 2013, Triangle Group convened to "innovation / collaboration / superior / win" as the theme of the Triangle Group 2013 Global Business Summit in Shanghai Shangri-La Hotel. Pictured Triangle Group chairman Ding Yuhua keynote speech.
Sponsored by the Triangle: "Innovation, Cooperation, Excellence, Win-Win 2013 Triangle Group Global Business summit" held in Shanghai on may 18. Leading representatives of the ministry of commerce of People’s Republic of China, China Construction Bank, HSBC and Other Domestic and foreign financial institutions, Caterpillar, Volvo, Sinopec, Rhine chemical (Bayer) and other Fortune 500 companies as well as representatives of partners from more than 100 countries of the world. There were more than 500 delegates attended the summit.

In the process of economic globalization, energy, security, environmental protection is increasingly becoming the core of the global automotive industry. Triangle Group as a member of the global tire industry, has always been focus on "harmonious development of economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility". Take a good upgrade path to new manufacturing transformation, to build a new & sustainable development way for tire industry.

The protection of the earth "Green Home", as a prerequisite and basis for the development of strategic decisions. Triangle's basic environmental policies are: To protect the Earth's environment, Building green homes, The implementation of cleaner production, Conserve resources and energy. In 2011, the company closed a production line that has been running for 34 years. Although this line of products are still profitable for Triangle in the domestic market. But for the good energy conservation,to accelerate the upgrade of product generation,Triangle still decided to close it. After the company shut down the production line, Triangel starts building high-tech, low-carbon green product line. The new product line has significant energy savings, savings could be more than 15% compare with the old product line, meanwhile it can take advantage of new and clean energy; Triangle also using digital technology in the manufacturing systems, robotics operating techniques, barcode intelligence technology, production, testing and logistics of the whole process. Triangle opened up a new way of the "Intelligent Green Factory" operations.

Into the future with technology innovation, promote industrial upgrading and environmental & ecological health of civilization. To address the development process of environmental health, adhere to scientific and technological innovation. In recent years, Triangle invested heavily in the construction of the two research platforms: National Technology Development Center and the National Tire Manufacturing Process Engineering Laboratory, and cooperate with foreign companies and organizations to share the technical research and development and strategic cooperation. Strengthening of international cooperation in scientific and technological research and innovation platform. Meanwhile, in China, Triangle cooperates with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Tianjin University, Tsinghua University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Beijing rubber Industry Research and Design Institute, Sinopec and other strategic cooperation. Triangle will do cooperate research on the field of new materials, new processes, new equipment and products; advanced technology product development and key technology.

Standard leads the development, improve the level of industrial development and environmental protection standards. Triangle Group as a member company of Chinese tire industry technology innovation strategic alliance and also the member company of the National Standardization Committee of the tire rim, always adhere to the process of industrial development policy of standardization with international standards. In recent years, the company has involved in the formulation of 35 national stanards for tire industry . In 2012, the company once again on behalf of the China tire industry to participate in the UN World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29) in Geneva. Involved in formulating "the global tire technical regulations." Currently, the company is working with relevant agencies together to start the "Green Tire Industry" strategy to jointly study the development of new tire technology performance standards, testing and environmental standards.

Synchronization with the global economy, challenge the future and achieve innovation, cooperation and win-win. Triangle Group is committed to build a "Green products + Green manufacturing + Green supply chain + Green consumption" the new economic model. Triangle passed EU’s “REACH” regulation recently. Using this as a basis, Triangle will continue to research materials in the field of advanced science and technology, development and application of energy-saving environmental protection in favor of the new material, establishment and operation of the company's "green" supply chain access system. Efforts to develop low-power, low noise, low rolling resistance, high safety performance standard for "green products", the basis of laws and regulations to meet the other countries and regions’requirements. Establish company's internal control standards, To make “green products”reach a higer propotion of the entire company's products.

China Economic Net broadcasts live for the conference, Web site:http://net.ce.cn/sjjt/index.shtml

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