Shanghai Manifesto—Triangle Group 2013 Global Business Summit
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May 18, 2013, partners from 258 companies worldwide gather in Shanghai, China, to participate in the 2013 Global Business Summit organized by the Triangle Group, the participants made an in-depth discussion and reached the following consensus:

       1.The implementation of the globalization strategy is the unanimous request of the mission to realize "Bringing progress to society and creating Wealth to Human Being", and it is also the inevitable choice to achieve sustainable development.       

       2. The realization of the strategic objectives of globalization will be the inevitable result of the joint efforts made by Triangle Group and its global partners, who have been continuously accelerating the appreciation of product values and brand to enhance brand position.

      3. The success of globalization strategy is to continue to build a global value chain, firmly establish the mechanism of cohesion and shared values.

      4. Effective progress of globalization strategy will be based on our scientific design and step-by-step implementation, through development of human resources, intellectual resources, market resources, and sharing of global resources, so as to enlarge our capacity of resources for the near, medium, long-term development.

      5. Regional market strategy, product support strategy, and consumer service strategy will be our focus of promoting globalization.

      6. We will work hand-in-hand with global partners, to build platforms together, seize opportunity together, create value together, grow up together, and share success together.

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