Sharing the Experience and Expanding the Channels for the Development and Brand——Triangle Group held

On 20th, October, Triangle Group held 2013 seminar of marketing experience sharing and marketing strategy in Changbai Mountain of Jilin province. Over 160 Triangle tire dealers and partners from all over the country got together to share the marketing experience and strategy for the long-term development of the Triangle Group. Ding Yuhua, the Chairman and CEO of Triangle Group, as well as the leaders from China Construction Bank (CCB) and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) attended the meeting and delivered the speeches.
In the seminar, Lin Bin, the CEO of Global Business & Market Development Center, and Zhang Tao, the CEO of Technology Innovation & Quality Management Center delivered the speeches respectively. They made the detailed introduction to the dealers and partners in terms of marketing strategy in China and product technology innovation. The representatives of partners, Ma Yu and Wu Yan, shared their unique marketing strategy and experience acquired from years of distributing the Triangle tire.
The sales president (Vice president of sales) from each large section of marketing, in accordance with their specific marketing conditions, respectively introduced to the partners of the new thought and method in the meeting from the following aspects: channel building, brand promotion, financing, and strategy implementation of regional market.
Ding Yuhua, the Chairman and CEO of Triangle Group, delivered an important speech of speed up the transformation and upgrading to promote common development. In the speech, he introduced the developing emphasis in the next period, especially the emphasis on the marketing and service of Triangle Tire. At the same time, he mentioned that, in the recent years, Triangle pioneered the concept of green tire, created the new productivity model of tire industry, and achieved a lot in this area. Also, Ding Yuhua, in accordance with the development situation in auto and tire industry at home and abroad, explained the necessity and urgency of accelerating the product structure adjustment and promoting the green tire industry featured with the energy conservation and environmental protection.
In the afternoon, the group interaction was organized. The participants of each group shared the experience with each other about the market operation in terms of the key partners in regional market; the dealers and the partners, communicated with salesmen of Triangle about the product service and brand building. They also provided some constructive suggestions about how to further enhance the product marketing.

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