New state-level Alliance: The Strategic Alliance of Tire industry Technology Innovation
On November 5, 2013, a notice was published on the website of Ministry of Science and Technology in which a list of pilot alliances and key alliances of national industry technology innovation in 2013 has been published. Triangle Group was allowed to be responsible for the Strategic Alliance of Tire industry Technology Innovation which is the only pilot alliance of national tire industry.

The concept of national industrial technology innovation strategic alliance was jointly put forward by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, SASAC of the State Council, the ACFTU (The All-China Federation of Trade Unions) and China Development Bank, with the purpose of accelerating to establish a technological innovation system which is enterprises-centered, market-oriented, and featured by combination of industry, education and research, and speeding up the promotion of core competitiveness of  industries.
Triangle Group, as the leading enterprise of tire industry in China, led to establish the strategic alliance of tire industry technology innovation with tire-related business, universities and organizations on 22th, March, 2010. The alliance has enhanced the communication between tire companies, promoted the integration of technologies, talents and information since it was established. As a result, a series of world-class achievements was made. The new techniques and new product with proprietary intellectual property rights, such as rubber mixing technology at low temperature, intelligent OTR, broke the technical trade barriers in the international market. The tire manufacturing technology has reached world-class level. This promoted the development of the industry, and improved the international competitiveness.

On October 30, 2013, The Strategic Alliance of Tire Industry Technology Innovation was identified as the state-level alliance of industrial technology innovation by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which designate Triangle Group as the liability body of the national innovation alliance.

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