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From 27th to 30th of May, the biennial Reifen Essen takes place in Essen Germany. As a leading Chinese tire manufacturer, Triangle Group attended this show as an exhibitor to present its product ranges and connect with nearly one hundred European tyre companies that showed great interest in Triangle products.

On May 28th, Triangle Group successfully held a press and dealer conference with theme “Shaping the foundations for growth”. More than 50 Triangle customers and trade media from Europe attended this conference. In the conference, Mr. Manoj Mehta, newly appointed to the board of directors of Triangle Group, delivered a speech on the general direction the company is being driven. Jenner Powell, vice president of marketing of Triangle Global Business Center office in Shanghai, presented the marketing and products strategies that will drive the future business including a description of the focus for the EU market. Liu Peng from Triangle technical center introduced key new products that will drive the sales in the near future. These products form the back bone of the renewal of the PCR offering as well as the access to other segments in the European market. In the meeting, the new brand video as well as new product videos were broadcasted. After the conference, some media interviewed Manoj and Jenner providing more in depth information that will be related in the European press increasing Triangle’s brand awareness around Europe.

The company is establishing its road map for both PCR and TBR products based on market situation and competitors’ movement. The road map allows the company to have a structure timeline products phase in and phase out. The company is investing in renewing its product range to ensure that they provide the expected performances for their respective targeted consumer segments. To that effect, Triangle recently conducted a series of products testing programs in Europe.

Europe will see a rollout of new products within the next years, replacing its whole current PCR product line-up with new products. Triangle renewal strategy will be based around filling the gaps in key sizes it currently faces in the European market with new products across three segments; Ultra High Performance, Premium and Value. Each segment will subsequently be enriched to a full portfolio line-up. In addition, new segments not yet available to the European market such as SUV, and Light Truck will also be made available.

Triangle customers and trade media express great interesting on Triangle’s forward plans for the European market and they want to expand more cooperation with Triangle. Related Europe media paid a close attention to Triangle new development and published a high level of media coverage about this conference and interviews.

Triangle Group continues to invest in new products and marketing activities in Europe and increases the support the existing distributors and develop new distributors’ network in regional locations in which it sees gap and opportunities for strong growth. Europe market will be one of major growth regions in the coming years. The success of this show and conference is the foundations for Triangle further growth in Europe.

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