Awarding: Sun Jian’en model worker innovation studio
June 13, 2014, Li Zhen, the vice president of Shandong provincial federation of trade union and his two colleagues came to visit the innovation studio, accompanied by Ren Huichun, the president of Weihai federation of trade union, Wei Nan, the deputy party secretary of Triangle Group and other two people. Sun Jian’en, the 2013 model worker, as well as chief electrical engineer of Triangle Group attended the awarding ceremony in which the innovation studio was awarded.
Growing out of the worker innovation studio of Triangle Group which was established in January, 2013, Sun Jian’en model worker innovation studio was one of the 16 studios named after model worker or high-skilled talents.
The mission of the studio is to carry out technological innovation on the key problems arisen from talents training and equipment management; to carry out such activities as business training, skill training, and handing-down teaching; and to be the learning place, the innovation carries, the development platform and the golden bridge of communication.
After the awarding ceremony, Li Zhen looked through the studio and expressed his hope that this studio can play greater role in talents cultivation and innovation.

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