Triangle’s TBR Development Project Wins Award
Results of the 2014 Scientific Technological Progress Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) was published on their website, stating that Triangle’s development project of high performance TBR with TRS and TRD tread pattern won the third prize of Scientific Technological Progress Award.

This project obtained 3 national invention patents and 4 tread design patents. The production process was simplified and the efficiency was improved owing to the serial product development.

In 2011, with four TRS01 and TRD01 specifications, Triangle has become one of the first enterprises in Chinese tire industry to pass the SmartWay certification for the low rolling resistance. In 2012, TRS02 and TRD02 met the requirements of the EU label act and TRD02 broke down the EU market barrier because it has reached the requirements stipulated in ECE117 in terms of the rolling resistance and noise, which shows Triangle’s development strength in the field of high performance green tire, and helps to develop the EU market.

Additionally, TRS02 and TRD02 were not only popular in EU market, but also gained a large presence in Chinese long-distance transportation market. TRS02 tread pattern, with its environmental friendliness, lead the green revolution of Chinese TBR market and was chosen by Yutong, King Long and other truck manufacturers as the tread pattern for OE tires, that increased market share in the Chinese long distance transportation market.

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