Focus on the Development and Application of New Material

Featured by low carbon, green, environmental-protection and high efficiency, green tire development become an irresistible trend in which Triangle focused attention on innovative development of tire raw material, adding white carbon black and plant oil extracted from rice hull to the raw material.

Compared with ordinary carbon black, white carbon black can reduce rolling resistance and improve the handling and grip performance on wet road. However, the traditional way to prepare white carbon black consumes natural resources in large quantity, so Triangle turn its attention on agricultural wastes, extracting white carbon black from rice hull, which can protect environment while improving tire performance. In addition, Triangle R&D team tries to replace traditional oil product with plant oil extracted from soybean and vegetables to prepare processing oil with less reliance on fossil fuels.

Adhering to development principle of keeping social, environmental and economical responsibility in balance, carrying out clean production, saving energy, developing circular economy, improving environmental quality and building eco homes, Triangle devotes itself to green product development in order to promotes transformation and upgrading in a more efficient way.

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