Triangle was on the List of Top 500 Most Valuable Brands

The 2014 Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China list was published in Brand Observer magazine. The total value of these 500 brands reach up to RBM11.0848 trillion with the average of RMB22.2billion. The brand TRIANGLE ranked 290th with a value of RMB8.921billion.

For this ranking, thousands of application forms were sent to national well-known enterprises, which submit their information for evaluation in order to produce Top 500 most valuable brands using present earning value method. The brand value was evaluated from the perspective of BVM for research purpose, providing a reference for enterprises to understand themselves and their brand.

The ranking is based on the profitability predicted by the profits which the brand brought about in the past three years. Brand was identified as the most important asset which cannot be reflected in the balance sheet, and managing brand value is the core of enterprises development. The evaluation of brand value was based on the sales and profit levels, brand substitutability, brand stability as well as brand history which is also an important factor to consider.

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