Triangle 2014 Annual Meeting Highlights

On 6th, February, Triangle held the annual meeting for 2014 performance summary and 2015 outlook and objectives in which the top performing individuals and departments were awarded, and president Ding Yuhua delivered the important speech on the theme of Unswervingly Following the Path of Globalization

Over 2000 employee’s representatives and the members of leading group, and the leaders from Weihai Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Weihai Science Technology Bureau, etc., attended this meeting.

In 2014, all the members of our company worked to adapt to the new normal of economic growth under the guideline of globalization strategy, speed up the transformation and upgrading with the market-orientation mind, constantly promoted the international competiveness in the field of manufacturing, technology, marketing and management. Triangle has gained 321 patents up to now, which included 42 patents for invention, 24 international patents, ranking the first in domestic tire industry. In 2014, Triangle attended UN/WP29 GRRF meeting twice on behalf of Chinese tire industry, and played an important role in the coordination process of the global technical regulations.

Ding Yuhua covered in his speech the 2014 results and achievements. He pointed that Triangle attached most importance on the development of new productivity and optimized the market structure and product structure to accelerate the transformation and upgrading. In 2014, the construction project was in full swing. And Triangle cooperated with international advanced companies to carry out design and construction. 90% of our equipments that were introduced into our plants are from world-class companies, in which the automatic control, digital recognition and robot technology will be put into integrated systems in order to build the intelligent plant.

Ding Yuhua said, globalization development is the strategic goal and over the past year, Triangle accelerated the construction of innovation system and built the global marketing system. Sales network covered 170 countries and regions. In 2014, sales in central and South America witnessed 6% year-on-year increase and Middle East market rose 12% over the previous year. Sales in Asia Pacific region and Europe increased 7% and 3% on year-on-year basis, respectively.

Ding Yuhua provided in his speech the 2015 outlook and objectives. He pointed that, 2015 is the concluding year of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of national economy, also the crucial year of deciding the future development of Triangle. All the members should adapt to the new norm with strong confidence, developed the talent resources and market resources worldwide with a market-orientation mind, speed up the building of new manufacturing, new marketing and new management structures, carrying the globalization development to a new stage.

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