The unveiling of Sprotex and Protract:Triangle’s renewed PCR products

Munich, Germany, July 23,2015——The unveiling ceremony for two “new generation” passenger car tires Sportex TSH11 and Protract TEM11 has been held by Triangle Tyre Co., Ltd. (“Triangle”) in Munich, Germany on July 23rd.

Triangle Sportex TSH11 High Performance Tire delivers the crisp response allowing you to master the road even in extreme conditions. Triangle Protract TEM11 Value Segment Tire designed to match vehicle’s economic performance and provide extra miles that keeps you going safely. The two new products were introduced at the media and customer meeting event. At the event, Triangle emphasized the importance of this first major PCR products as it marks the start of the product renewal strategy. It is the first visible part of the new product road map strategy that has been put in place by Triangle to better serve its customers.

“The development of Triangle’s new products cannot be improved without the support of the customers ,”Shen Zhong, Global Product Manager of Triangle Tyre mentioned, ”So gathering market information and requirements is an important phase of new product development and at Triangle we do believe that we deliver on matching our customer needs.”

Sportex TSH11——For Sport Vehicles

  • Large-block design, large contact surface and optimized tread contact patch to improve dry handling performance.
  • Three main central grooves assisted by lateral oblique grooves, maximize water drainage for good aquaplaning & wet grip performance.
  • Asymmetric design with optimized pitch sequence, three silencer slots, high angle CL radial groove, smoother impact & groove resonance reduction for reduced new and worn tire noise.

Protract TEM11——For Family vehicles

  • Rib type pattern and solid CL longitudinal ribs, high rubber volume and stiffer centerline for optimum mileage and precise handling.
  • Narrow shoulder block lateral grooves and four main central grooves to improved grip performance during wet breaking for shorter breaking distances and Increased safety.
  • Advanced digital simulation for optimize tread design to improve footprint pressure distribution for reduced rolling resistance providing fuel economy.

About Triangle Group:

Triangle, a leading Chinese tire manufacturer, was established in 1976 and mainly produces commercial tire, passenger tire, radial OTR tire, Jumbo OTR tire and special tire. Triangle sells over 25 million tires annually to customers in over 160 countries and regions. It has earned recognition from its customers worldwide for top quality products and excellent services.

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