Triangle Tyre Ranks the 7th in 2015 C-BPI Rating

2015 C-BPI rating released on August 12th says that Triangle Tyre ranks the 7th, moving up 4 notches compared to last year with its good performance among automobile tire products both at home and abroad.

Over the past years, Triangle Group has committed itself to the development of high-tech national brands and the optimization of product structure. To this end it phrases out low-end production capacity and exploits new markets for high-tech, high value-added and high-quality products in the hope of enhancing the competitiveness of its products. In 2014, it successfully developed Winter OTR Tyre, which, together with PCR Winter Tyre, completed Triangle winter tire series. In October 2014 a technological breakthrough was achieved in the improvement of Run-flat Tyre and Durability Test hours under zero pressure is 4 times that of European standard or more.

While some tire companies are compelled to lower price and quality, Triangle Group has always adhered to the principle of “consumers first and quality foremost”. It has enhanced the technological element and added value of its products in an effort to obtain a comparative advantage in the market place and uphold the reputation of its famous brands. Triangle Group has thus won general recognition from domestic enterprises and its market share has witnessed a year-by-year increase.

China Brand Power Index (C-BPI for short), conducted by Chnbrand, China’s most authoritative brand rating agency, is China’s first brand rating system under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As part of the policy-making mechanism of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, C-BPI has been funded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is an objective and independent investigation of Chinese consumers’ feedback on product quality and the most reliable brand rating system that will produce an immediate impact on consumers’ choice. C-BPI annual report of 2015 on automobile industry is based on the feedback from 1692 automobile users.

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