Triangle Group Visited Anti-Japanese War Veterans

Ahead of the 70th anniversary of the victory of Chinese people’s war against Japanese Aggression and the world anti-fascist war, Triangle Group visited seven old veterans, its former senior clerks, with high respect. Commemorative medals, consolation money, and letters of thanks were handed out to them for their great contributions to China’s victory during the war.

On Sept 2, 2015, Shan Guoling, vice secretary of Chinese Party Committee of Triangle Group, came to Gouhou Zhangjia village, Yinzi town, Rongcheng city to visit Zhang Yunxiu, one of the seven old veterans. She awarded a commemorative medal and consolation money 5000RMB to Zhang Yunxiu first on behalf of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, the State Council as well as the Central Military Commission, and then consolation money 5000RMB, a letter of thanks, and some gifts on behalf of Triangle Group.

When talking of the anti-Japanese aggression war, these old veterans remembered it very well. They had optimistic spirits, fought bravely against Japanese aggression, and won the final victory. Their worshipful internal characteristics are full of “positive energy” not only in the revolutionary era but also at present peace-building age. Shan Guoling expressed great thanks to them for their contributions to China’s independence and to the company's development as well, saying that the significance of history would be born in her mind forever, and wishing all the veterans alive a good heath and a happy life.

Wearing the commemorative medal, Zhang Yunxiu was very excited. He, on behalf of the old military veterans, expressed many thanks for the country and hoped the company would have a prosperous future.

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