Xinchang No.1 Central Primary School Funded by Triangle Group Was Put into Use

The completion ceremony of Xinchang No.1 Central Primary School in Tianquan County, Ya’an City, funded by Triangle Group was held at 10:58 a.m. of September15, 2015. The deputy mayor of Ya’an city, Xu Xu, the deputy mayor of Weihai city, Zhang Bo, and the director of Weihai Civil Affairs Bureau, Luan Bo, together with the pupils and the staff of the school attended the ceremony, which was hosted by Deng Ping, the deputy magistrate of Tianquan County, Ya’an City.

The completion ceremony began with the raising of Chinese flag. Xu Xu, the deputy mayor of Ya’an, delivered a keynote speech, warmly welcoming the representatives of Weihai municipal government and Triangle Group and sincerely thanking Triangle Group for its donations. The student representative of the primary school said in his speech that they would work hard to construct their hometown and serve the society well with what they would learn in the future.

On behalf of Weihai municipal government, Zhang Bo, the deputy mayor of Weihai city, congratulated on the completion of Xinchang No.1 Central Primary School. She said that education was the foundation of national development in the long run. Though Weihai and Ya’an were far away from each other, the two cities and their people shared a profound friendship. Finally, she wished all the pupils could grow up healthily and happily!

On behalf of Ding Yuhua, the chairman of Triangle Group, Shan Guoling, the vice chairman of Triangle Group, congratulated on the completion of Xinchang No.1 Central Primary School, too. She said that education donation was good for the people and nation. It was a great honor for Triangle Group to build a primary school with donations for the people of Ya’an City. It did make her feel good and secure to see the beautiful campus, nice classrooms and innocent smiles of the pupils. She hoped that all the pupils could work hard to become the backbones of our motherland as soon as possible.

At the grand celebration, top leaders of Weihai City, Ya’an City and Triangle Group presented the pupils with the books well chosen by Triangle Group, and unveiled the monument for gratitude at the end of the completion ceremony.

The new school funded by Triangle Group can accommodate 500 students from pre-schools to Grade 6 of primary schools at the same time. There are a frame-structure teaching building (8 degree of seismic fortification intensity), which is equipped with teaching facilities according to stipulations of the state and subsidiary facilities such as the stadium, the basketball court, the badminton court, the music room, the multimedia meeting room, the enclosing wall and the school gate as well.

In the process of globalization implementation, Triangle Group takes actions to send its care and love to the society. It has set up a perfect social care system, actively participated in social welfare activities and won a wide range of social praise. As a result, Triangle Group has been titled as “the Most Loving Philanthropy Enterprise in Weihai” and “the Model Enterprise for Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility in Shandong Province”, and established its citizenship image of adoring virtue and goodness as well as undertaking responsibilities bravely.

Shortly after the Ya’an Earthquake on April 20, 2013, Ding Yuhua, the chairman of Triangle Group, held a meeting among the top members of the company, and decided to set up emergency rescue special fund for Ya’an the first time. 5 million RMB was donated to the quake-hit area through Weihai Charity Federation and Shandong Charity Federation for the post-earthquake rescue and school reconstruction to help the quake- affected children to return to school. Today, a new well-equipped capacious and clean campus has been built in the quake-hit area, from which children will start their new splendid life journey.

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