Triangle Tyre Appears on 2023 Green Manufacturing List

Triangle Tyre was selected as a "Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise" among this year's Green Manufacturing List announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on its official website on November 8, 2023.

The concept of a "Green Supply Chain" epitomizes a modern management model that systematically integrates considerations of environmental impact and resource efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. Based on green manufacturing theory and supply chain management technology, it encompasses various facets of product development. It was reported that three lists, namely "Green Factory", "Green Industrial Park", and "Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise" were announced, with a total of 205 enterprises selected for the "Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise" list.


Triangle Tyre has consistently prioritized green development by actively constructing a scientifically standardized management system and implementing numerous goals and plans for green supply chain management. Since 2018, the Company has received several provincial or national accolades, including "Green Design Product" and "Green Design Demonstration Enterprise for Industrial Products". In 2022, Triangle Tyre was inscribed on the national "Green Factory" list. Currently, the Company has achieved recognition in the "Green Factory" and "Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise" lists under the national "Green Manufacturing" list.

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