Triangle Tyre Ranks among Top 500 Petrochemical Enterprises and Top 300 Shandong Enterprises

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the rubber industry. In the face of pressure and challenges, Triangle Tyre met the difficulties head on, remained firm in the goal of high-quality development, and maintained a sound momentum of steady growth and quality-based progress, allowing it to break into the lists of China Top 500 Petrochemical Companies and Top 300 Shandong Enterprises.

On November 29, the press conference for “2021 China Top 500 Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises” was held online, where the list of “2021 China Top 500 Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises” was released. The list ranks the companies by the main business income of major petroleum and petrochemical companies in 2020 and the data disclosed by listed companies.

In the list of “2021 China Top 500 Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises (Comprehensive Enterprises)”, Triangle Group ranks 138th, 29 places up from last year.

At the same time, the list of “2021 Top 500 Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises (Independent Production & Operation Enterprises)” was announced, where Triangle Tyre came in 63rd place with its tremendous innovation strength and comprehensive competitiveness.


On December 24, the “2021 Shandong Top 300 Enterprises List” prepared by Shandong Business Daily was officially published. Six tyre companies made the list, among which, Triangle Tyre Co., Ltd. was ranked 138th with an operating income of RMB 8,535 million.

The 300 Shandong enterprises are reportedly to improve compared with last year in terms of overall revenue and entry threshold, which has increased to RMB 1,014 million from RMB 725 million last year.


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