Triangle Aircraft Tire Shows at the 2nd China-Japan Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Conference

On November 10, the 2nd China-Japan Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Conference was held in Weihai, with branch venues in Beijing and Japan. Triangle aircraft tire appeared at Weihai Science and Technology Cooperation Achievement Exhibition.


This Conference was organized by Shandong Provincial People’s Government, and hosted by the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province, Weihai Municipal People’s Government, China-Japan Technology Exchange Center of The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan (IPEJ), and China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation. Themed around “Innovative Cooperation, Gathering in Shandong”, it focuses on the fields of “Smart Ocean, Medical-Elderly Care and Health, High-end Equipment, and Modern Efficient Agriculture”, and aims to deepen the all-round innovative cooperation with Japan in various fields and create a brand activity for China-Japan Science and Technology Cooperation. It consists of four parallel sessions: “China-Japan Technology Transfer Symposium”, “Shandong Forum of Senior Technology Diplomats”, “Cloud-based Connection of Key Industries”, and “Talents Exchange”, and the “Science and Technology Cooperation Achievement Exhibition”.


Triangle Tyre was invited to participate in the Shandong Forum of Senior Technology Diplomats, where it gave a presentation on the “Opportunities and Challenges of International Science and Technology Cooperation in the Context of RCEP”.


The front tires with 30×8.8R15 specification and main landing gear tires with 46×17.0R20 specification developed by Triangle were exhibited at the venue of Science and Technology Cooperation Achievement Exhibition. In particular, the 30×8.8R15 tire is the first civil aviation radial tire to pass the dynamic simulation test standard for civil aviation in China. Tang Bo (Director of Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province), Zhang Haibo (Secretary of Weihai Municipal Party Committee), and Yan Jianbo (Mayor of Weihai City) stopped at the exhibition area of Triangle to ask about the development of Triangle aircraft tires and its products and overall operation.


Triangle Tyre is one of the members of a joint lab for ground dynamics of large aircraft, where it is responsible for the research of dynamic performance and friction dynamics of tire products on the ground, as well as the landing gear system and other tire-related projects. At present, it has fully built a complete production line of aviation radial tires, and established a quality system that meets the airworthiness requirements.


Recently, “Research and Industrialization of Key Technology Breakthroughs for Aviation Radial Tires”, a key project for replacement of old growth drivers with new ones of Shandong Province in 2019 undertaken by Triangle Tyre, has passed the acceptance. The successful acceptance of this project indicates that Triangle Tyre has acquired the key technologies of international advanced aviation radial tires, breaking the monopoly of foreign countries in this field for a long time. This provides a crucial support for the development of China’s large aircraft industry, and motivates the implementation of the “replacement of old growth drivers with new ones” strategy in Shandong Province.


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