Triangle Tyre ranks among leading technology companies in Shandong Province in 2021

On October 29, the List of 2021 Leading Technology Enterprises in Shandong was released, and 200 enterprises stood out from the 14,600 high-tech enterprises in Shandong. Triangle Tyre appears on the list, ranking 18th, revealing its technological strength!


It is known that this is the first time that Shandong Province has released the list of leading technology companies, jointly released by the Information Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, Shandong Innovation and Development Institute, and Shandong Center for Advancing the Development of Science and Technology Service. The 200 leading technology companies on the list feature large investment in research and development, active engagement in innovation, fruitful scientific and technological achievements, significant innovation advantages, and excellent innovation performance, and an important leading and exemplanary role as a benchmark for other technological innovation-based enterprises in Shandong.


Triangle Tyre is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province. Over the years, it has been concentrating on innovation of tyre technologies, practicing Intelligent Manufacturing and Green Manufacturing, and pursuing the path of high-quality and sustainable development, thus contributing to continued enhancement of its core competitiveness.


Since it was identified as a high-tech enterprise in 2008, Triangle Tyre has won a series of sci-tech awards, including the National Science and Technology Progress Award (First Prize), the Science and Technology Progress Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (First Prize), China Patent Excellence Award, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprise, and Shandong Top Ten Private Enterprises with Excellent Innovation Capability.


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