Tires Suitable for a Tough Off-road RV

The off-road RV is a kind of recreational vehicle modified from a large off-road truck. It is a very popular means of transport for outdoor travel, adventures and competitions.

With a cool design and tough look, off-road RVs ask for anti-attack configuration and high-end parts with a powerful horsepower. So what kind of tires can make a good fit for such vehicle?

Sinotruk released its 4×4 all-wheel-drive luxury off-road RV at the 14th RV Show held in Shanghai. This new model is equipped with Triangle’s all-terrain tires, 395/85R20 TRY66, a special radial tire product with desirable ground clearance and handling stability.



The HANOTIS H6700, a 4×4 luxury off-road RV newly launched in Beijing this year, also relies on Triangle’s another special off-road radial tire, 395/85R22 TRY68.





Both TRY66 and TRY68 tires are specially designed to suit the need of off-road vehicles. They show superior road holding and traction performance, high-speed performance and strong environmental adaptability--they work well on highways and various off-road conditions (littered with boulders or mud) even in extremely cold or hot days. Their great ground clearance in off-road environment can better satisfy users’ demand for a safe and comfortable long-distance tour.


It is now popular for Chinese off-road vehicle enthusiasts to refit the chassis of Germany-made Unimog (8×8, 6×6, 4×4) and MAN (heavy or medium model) cross-country trucks for self-driving travel. Their central tire inflation and deflation systems as well as good ground clearance for off-roading allow for driving with low pressure especially in the desert. In response to the new trend, Triangle develops a series of special radial tires that are favored by high-end off-road RV users, including 14.00R20 TRY66, 395/85R20 TRY66, 365/85R20 TRY66 and 365/80R20 TRY66 specifications.


If your RV is modified by an SUV with four-wheel drive, our TR292 tire is an ideal option for you. It will surely surprise you with powerful tractive force, all-terrain transport, great ride comfort and low noise. 


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