Triangle in Russia

With nearly 20 years of operation in Russia, Triangle has served local consumers and clients from CIS members with tire products for passenger vehicles, commercial purpose, engineering use as well as giant tires. The company has won extensive recognition and built up a trusted brand image.


At present, Triangle has many loyal users in the replacement tire market and also thrives in the tire supporting field, with its parts supplied to multiple commercial automobile manufacturers and assembly plants in Russia. The high-quality and reliable commercial vehicle tires provided by Triangle have won the favor of the engineers from automobile manufacturers, and our products are highly praised and trusted by end customers.


Triangle’s local marketing and service team has taken active actions to broaden the sales channels and attract more clients from factories, mines and truck companies in CIS countries. Products and services are designed to fit the diverse needs of the Russia market, thus promoting the brand influence of Triangle in the local market.


Russia and CIS countries were hit hard by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which severely affected the local economy, trade and social activities. According to official statistics, the total sales volume of the Russian tire market declined by 20% in 2020, and the import quantities decreased by 10% over the previous year. Still, Triangle responded actively and grew the business against the downward market trend in the Russian and CIS market.


In the post-pandemic era, the international trade situation is becoming more and more complex, along with the increasingly fierce global competition. Russia is an important oversea market of Triangle, so the company will step up efforts in market development and brand promotion, and improve its competitiveness in Russia and CIS markets. 

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