Triangle Facilitates Urban Construction

Xiong’an New Area, China’s “city of the future”, is a livable and booming area where city builders are working hard on the construction sites with tower cranes and machinery vehicles.

Cement mixers and pump trucks, something you will find on every construction site around the world, make up the foundation and backbone of a city.


The commercial tires used to support these vehicles are designed to bear heavy load and huge pressure required for complex road conditions during construction as opposed to ordinary tires for transport vehicles. High reliability is therefore a must to ensure the safe passing and stable operation of vehicles.

Taking into account the characteristics and special operating environment of cement mixers and pump trucks, Triangle optimizes the tire design to make the product more adaptable to the vehicle and working environment. Specifically, high strength tire casings and specially-designed outboard shoulder ensure higher bearing capacity and eccentric wear resistance; self-developed tread enhances the heat dissipation performance of the rubber and reduces shoulder damage in early time; variable pitch patterns help bring down the noise level of tires while driving; and outward circumferential grooves allow the tire to clean itself and move more smoothly.



For many years, Triangle has provided various models of OE tires for domestic and foreign engineering machinery manufacturers, including SANY, Sinotruk, XCMG, Hyundai and Doosan. More research efforts and business focus have been given to product upgrading, new model development and differentiated support.

In 2018 and 2019, Triangle upgraded the tires for SANY’s 412D and 410 mixing trucks respectively from the design with inner layers to tubeless one, which further improved the performance of tires. To cope with poor or worse road conditions in some markets, Triangle has developed differentiated tire with TR919+ specification to increase the performance advantages of the vehicle.

In 2019, Triangle tires were applied to SANY’s 37-meter and 49-56 meter pump trucks after careful model selection and testing.

With the acceleration of urbanization construction across the nation, Triangle will continue to drive the high-quality development of cities with its quality and high-performance products. 

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