The Memory of 2020, the New Voyage of 2021

The year of 2020 is so extraordinary,

destined to be etched into the history.

In this year,

the fate of every human being was inextricably linked,

and we met difficulties and overcame them all the time.

In this year,

we believed in each other and cheered each other up,

and we looked forward to the future together and worked together.

In this year,

we were much more aware of:

the value and meaning of life,

the persistence and perseverance of ordinary people,

and who are the true heroes and the backbone.

So connected is our individual home to the country,

and when united,

 we can create all miracles on earth!

Life First and Resolute Fight Against COVID-19


No one could have imagined that 2020 would start in this way. The outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted everything and made everything very bad. In face of the fierce epidemic, the company has always put the health and safety of employees first. It decided to suspend all production lines. Meanwhile, the company set up an epidemic response working group and was ready for declaring a war against the COVID-19. On February 10, on the premise of ensuring sufficient prevention and control measures and doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, all production bases began to resume their workflow in an orderly manner. In the past year, all staff of the company stuck together to fight against the epidemic and make great efforts in production and operation, and great success have been achieved in these two aspects.

Double Cycle for New Growth


In last March and April, the COVID-19 epidemic spread rapidly around the world. Many countries, cities and ports all over the world began to take blockade measures, leading to sharp contraction of markets, economic decline and social stagnation. Faced with this unprecedented crisis, the company has managed to give a calm response. It made decisive decisions, coordinated domestic and foreign markets in a positive manner and stuck to a "two-wheel" drive. Through powerful dispatch and command, it quickly reversed the unfavorable situation and created a new record of growth against the trend. The 13th Five-Year Plan has come to a successful conclusion and the 14th Five-year Plan is speeding up.

Great Attention Paid to Aviation Technology



In 2020, the company has seen its continuously improved ability in scientific and technological innovation, with additional 43 patents granted and 2 international standards and 6 national standards completed. On July 2, 2019, the civil aviation radial tire with 30×8.8R15 specifications (front tires of A320 and C919 passenger jets) independently developed by Triangle Tyre passed the dynamic simulation test of CTSO-C62e standard for civil aviation in China. It is the first of its kind in the country to pass the test and makes a great technical breakthrough, allowing the Chinese tire industry to be closer to the "Chinese dream" in homemade aviation tire.

Craftsmanship Spirit & Quality as Mount Tai



High-quality development should first focus on high-quality products and services. Over the years, Triangle Tyre has always been committed to the tire industry and striven for more improvements, so as to bring more valuable products and services for users. We are "laborers" in the tire industry, but also innovative craftsmen and quality leaders in this industry.

Commendable High Quality



The Two Sessions in 2020 were extraordinary. Triangle has provided customers with high quality services for 13 years and will always do so in the future. With the national high-speed rail network back in operation and the “Triangle Tyre” train back on its way, our products and services can be found everywhere, and will accompany you on the 16,000 km high-speed lines. In Bauma CHINA 2020, Triangle products could be seen in almost every booth, and Triangle off-the-road tires shone at the exhibition. On October 18, Triangle winter tire series debuted in the "2020 China Green Tire Safety Week" Tik Tok broadcast room. Meanwhile, special advertising for these winter tires was officially launched along the Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway and the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway. In this cold and snowy winter, Triangle Tyre allow more people to travel safely.

New Energy, New Generation


In 2020, the domestic commercial vehicle market has overcome the difficulties and accelerated the upgrading, and realized the transition to green, environmental friendly, comfortable and high-end development. Triangle Tyre firmly seized this strategic opportunity to cooperate with BYD, Yutong and King Long in electric buses, SINOTRUCK in high-end tractors, and Wuzheng Group in high-end light trucks, and comprehensively strengthened the cooperation with Sany, FAW and Dongfeng in the new generation of key vehicle models.


"Up-rising Stars"


With the accelerated development of Triangle Tyre, hundreds of new employees in various fields have joined this big family in 2020. The 14th five-year Plan has been launched, and the competition for talents in the new era has begun. The post-00s generation starts to stand out conspicuously. A family thrives on its members, and an industry thrives on its talents. We are full of expectation and desire to embrace the endless "up-rising stars", and look forward to working with more like-minded people to ride the wind and waves in the cause of building global brands.

Passion & Original Aspiration



Triangle Tyre has always been adhering to the core value of "people oriented" to firmly fulfill its economic, social and environmental responsibilities. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the company donated 20 million yuan to social charities and public welfare undertakings, and won the charity award - “The Most Humane Enterprise” of Weihai City, Shandong Province. On January 31, 2020, Triangle Tyre was the first company in Weihai to announce a donation of 6 million yuan for epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan and Weihai, demonstrating its devotion to the people and the country. By the end of 2020, 497 college students and high school students in poverty had received financial support from the "Triangle Tyre Flying High Charitable Education Fund". Triangle’s employees have always kept the corporate culture of "people oriented" in mind and never forgotten our original aspiration. We have enthusiastically participated in various volunteer and relief activities and won universal praise from the communities.




On March 28, Triangle Tyre was awarded the second place among the top 50 corporate taxpayers in Weihai city;

On June 11, Triangle Tyre was ranked No. 15 among the top 100 foreign trade enterprises in Shandong Province;

On July 14, Triangle Tyre won the Patent Award of Shandong Province for three consecutive times;

On November 10, the company was rated as the National Market Quality Credit AA-level Enterprise for 2020 by the China Quality Association;

On November 11, "The Practice of Kinetic Energy Conversion of Large Enterprises with Intelligent Manufacturing Strategy as the Core" won the first prize of the 13th National Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement Prize;

On November 19, the company was rated as the Gold Medal Supplier of SINOTRUCK;

On November 29, the company won the "Star of Tire" award in the annual overall rating list of China's 2020 commercial vehicle aftermarket;

On December 11, the company was ranked No. 57 among the top 100 private enterprises of petroleum and chemical industry for 2020;

On December 18, the company won the Excellent Quality Award of SDLG;

On December 19, the company won the Golden Idea Award of Sany Group.

Say goodbye to 2020 and move on to 2021

Eventually the epidemic will be defeated and everything will restart

We have overcome difficulties and regained our vigor

Standing at the starting point of a new decade

We bear in mind what we have experienced

And we are not afraid of what is to come

We will be the "masters" of the new age

Embrace hope with striving spirit

And be sure to win

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