Important for Triangle Group to Develop Further Is Good Brand Globalization

On January 30th of 2016, the 2015 annual meeting of Triangle Group was held. More than 2000 people, the leading group and the staff representatives included, attended the meeting. The main leaders of Huancui District, Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone, Weihai Lingang Zone, Weihai Municipal Commission of Economic & Information Technology, Weihai Municipal Human Resources & Social Security Bureau, Weihai Municipal Commission of Development & Reform, and Nanhai New Zone of Weihai were invited to the meeting. First of all, Ding Yuhua, the board chairman, delivered an important speech entitled Only with Good Brand Globalization Can Triangle Group Realize the Sustainable and Sound Development, summarizing the achievements the company obtained during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. And then, the advanced collectives and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the company in 2015 were given honor and awards.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, with the profound adjustment of global economy and the slowdown of domestic economy, great changes had taken place where enterprises lived and developed. Over the past five years, Triangle Group has accelerated its brand globalization, with the advance of business transformation and upgrading, the formation of internet market network, as well as the continuous increase in comprehensive benefits. For its excellent performance in business operation and development, Triangle Group’s IPO application was approved on January 6th of 2016 by China Securities Regulatory Commission, which proved the full recognition of the capital market for it and created new space for its future development. Up to now, Triangle Group has been authorized with 354 patents, including 52 invention patents and 24 international patents, presided over or participated in the establishment and amendment of 38 national standards, and attended the United Nations Vehicle Regulations Forum on behalf of China for eight times. It is worth noting that Triangle Group presides over the formulation of TKPH international standard for engineering radial tires.

Ding Yuhua, the Board Chairman of Triangle Group, pointed out that, during the 12th Five-year Plan period, the company established the awareness of brand globalization and gave impetus to transformation and upgrading in R&D, manufacturing, as well as marketing vigorously. Specifically, the achievements the company had made in the past five years are as follows:

First of all, product quality and technical performance are greatly improved. Meridian rate has increased from 85% in 2010 to 99.6% currently, 10 percentage points higher than the average across all industries. Commercial vehicle and passenger car tires have passed EU Labeling law Phrase II certification. The manufacture of special use tire has maintained a fairly rapid growth tendency. It is worth noting that during the military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War, five side teams were equipped with the special use tire Triangle Group made. Moreover, Triangle Group is the first company in China who can produce off-road radial tires for engineering vehicles. Its off-road radial tire for engineering vehicles in winter sells very well in Russia, North Europe, Japanese and China. And in 2015, the run-flat tire was successfully developed.

Secondly, improve its new product development, upgrade its products and added value, and increase its capacity for independent innovation. In 2011, Triangle Group built National Engineering Laboratory for Tire Designing and manufacturing, the only one in China, and a R&D center in America. In 2015, it set up a national industrial design center. Nowadays, Triangle Group, the initiator and the president unit of the China’s Tire Industry Tech-innovation Strategic Alliance, strengthens further its leadership in the field of tire development in China.

Thirdly, optimize its market structure further, and branch its business out to more foreign countries. In 2015, Triangle Group established its own sales subsidiary TTUSA to construct its market channel in America. With brand building as the core objective, it extended its worldwide direct sales network. By the end of 2015, Triangle Group had branched its business out to more than 170 countries and regions. The proportion of domestic and foreign trade market had reached 45:55.

Fourthly, develop high-tech, eliminate backward production capacity and promote the transformation and upgrading of the projects established in Lingang Zone and Nanhai New Zone. Huamao Company in Lingang Zone built an intelligent and automatic system and successfully put it into operation in September 2015. Huayang Company in Nanhai New Zone started a 4-million high-performance passenger vehicle tire project and used advanced digital recognition, intelligent control and automation technology. It’s well worth noting that the human resource structure is much more optimized. The employees are much younger, better educated, more professional, internationalized, which is of great importance to help Triangle Group make more contributions to the society.

In his speech, Ding Yuhua, the Board Chairman of Triangle Group, laid out the basic objectives and the essential tasks for 2016. He analyzed the current economic situation and the challenges the tire industry had to face. He pointed out that the the 13th Five-Year was a key period for the tire industry’s transition and development, and that the only correct choice for Triangle Group was to establish the concept of brand globalization firmly. Brands are the greatest assets of any company. The ultimate goal of Triangle Group was to become the top brand all over the world. With innovation, reform, and globalization, bring out more and better products, improve production efficiency, safety management, cost saving, low-carbon, environmental protection, and under the leadership of brand building, strengthen market survey, and become a global corporation with world class competitiveness.

The 2015 annual meeting of Triangle Group on January 30th of 2016

The 2015 annual meeting of Triangle Group on January 30th of 2016

Ding yuhua presented the advanced collectives and individuals with  honor and awards

2015 Triangle Group Leader for Brand-building

Liu Guoqiang and Xin Yong were honored as “Triangle Group Model Worker”.

Deng Shitao, the executive vice-president of the R&D Center, delivered a speech on behalf of the advanced teams.

Xin Yong, “Triangle Group Model Worker” winner, delivered a speech on behalf of the advanced individuals.

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