"2020 China Tyre Safety Week" |Triangle Winter Tyres Go Live

At 7pm on October 18, the "2020 China Tyre Safety Week", a large-scale public welfare event sponsored by China Rubber Industry Association, kicked off live broadcast on TikTok, and Triangle winter tyres were promoted in the live streaming chat room.

The topic of the event is "Have you picked the right tyre?" Triangle Tyre's PL01 winter tyre products are the main targets of the campaign. The company's R&D engineer Liu Peng, the "Sister Beauty and Goddess of the Auto Circle" with millions of fans of and the association anchor Pei Yufei jointly discussed the knowledge of winter tyres, the characteristics of Triangle winter tyres and how to choose tyres and other issues, popularizing how to choose the right tyres to consumers.

The SNOWLINK PL01 is an excellent product for fuel economy and comfort. Compared to a regular tyre, a SNOWLINK PL01 tyre has an ultra-soft tread and can provide better grip for vehicles on wet and snowy roads. In addition, its tread adopts Triangle Tyre's special PL01 pattern, which can guarantee excellent straight-line driving performance, while the high-density steel sheet on the tire shoulder can maximize the braking and driving performance of the tyre. On the snow and ice covered road surfaces, with shorter braking distance and stronger handling stability, it can better guarantee the driving and riding safety for consumers.

At present, Triangle Tyre has set up more than 900 brand stores and nearly 2000 franchised stores in northeast China, northwest China, Inner Mongolia and other regions. Since the Triangle winter tyre sales season kicked off in September, the vast majority of consumers are changing winter tyres for their cars in succession. The Maochang Triangle Tyre Brand Image Store in Shenyang was contacted live to listen to the feedback information from consumers.

According to the sponsor, during the two-hour broadcast, the online audience reached 260,000 person-time, and the highest peak reached 11,000 person-time.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of this live streaming platform, Triangle Tyre carried out the high-speed railway advertisement release for its winter tyres - starting from October 18, the advertisement of Triangle winter tyres began to be published officially in the publications along the Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway, Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway and Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway. "Let you have a carefree journey on the roads covered by snow and ice"!

The "China Tyre Safety Week" was initiated by the China Rubber Industry Association in 2015 and is held in the week beginning on June 15 every year. Due to the epidemic, this year's event shifted from offline to online, with the theme remained "Green and Environmental Protection and Travel Safely". The campaign aims to popularize basic knowledge and common sense of safe use of tyres, promote green tyres and interpret the label of Chinese tyres, so as to guide consumers to choose and use tyres correctly.

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