Bid Farewell to 2019, Say Hello to 2020!

The wheel of time reset, and we have ushered in the 2020s. 

Looking back into the past, we strove ahead.
Looking forward into the future, we will take the bitter with the sweet. 

Seizing every minute, we stay true to the mission with persistent faith;
Living up to the prime time, we race against time with unremitting efforts;
Goodbye 2019, and hello 2020! We're determined to move ahead and embrace the bright future. 
Wish all your wishes come true and every day is full of surprise!

2019 Overview

1. Triangle Tire Has Served the National "Two Sessions” for 12 Consecutive Years

In March, during the national “Two Sessions”, Triangle Tire joins hands with BAIC Group to guarantee the commuting services for the delegates. This is the 12th year that Triangle Angle has served the “Two Sessions”.



2. Triangle Tire Accelerates the Aviation Tire Project

In June, Triangle Tire’s Research and Industrialization of Key Technology Breakthroughs for Aviation Radial Tires Project is shortlisted for Key Projects of Replacement of Old Growth Drivers with New Ones of Shandong Province.
In October, Triangle Tire fully participates in the construction of the Large Aircraft Ground Dynamics Joint Laboratory, where it undertakes research on tire ground dynamics, tire ground friction dynamics, and other tire-related topics such as landing gear systems.


3. Triangle Tire Receives Review at the Military Parade In Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China                                                                                                     

On October 1, during the parade in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, nine square formation equipped with triangle tires receive the review of the the motherland and the people. In addition, the service guarantee fleet of over 2,000 passenger cars are also equipped with Triangle tires.



4. Triangle Tire Obtains Fruitful Achievements in Technology Innovation

A total of 145 new products for commercial vehicle tires, passenger vehicle tires, OTR tires and giant tires, military and special tires have been launched throughout the year. Thirteen new patents have been obtained, including 2 domestic invention patents and 4 international invention patents. The Company has hosted and participated in the formulation of 2 international standards, 3 national standards and 1 group standard. The project of “Complete Set of Technologies and Equipment for Intelligent Manufacturing of Ultra-High Performance Tires with Full Electromagnetic Induction Heating and Direct Pressure Vulcanization” has been listed into Major  Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects Under Key R&D Program of Shandong Province. The project of Application of GB/T30197 in R&D of OTR Tires has been rated Third Prize of CPCIA Scientific and Technological Progress Award. 


5. Phase II of Huamao Plant and Phase II of Huayang Plant Are Put into Operation

In 2019, Phase II of High Performance Commercial Vehicle Tire Project of Huamao Plant and Phase II of High Performance Passenger Vehicle Tire Project of Huayang Plant have been completely built and put into production. The equipment efficiency, automation level and safety are all taking the lead within the industry. The product structure of the Company has been further optimized with high-performance product supply capability and intelligent manufacturing ability further enhanced.



6. Triangle Winter Tires Sell Well in the Tight Market

The sales volume of Triangle’s winter tires in the international market has continued to increase, and the influence of the brand has continued to increase. The domestic market demand for winter tires has also increased year by year, and the market coverage has been extended further externally from key markets such as Xinjiang, Northeast China and Inner Mongolia. Triangle winter tires are in short supply, and all production lines are engaged to guarantee market supply.



7. Brand Influence Has Continuously Been Enhanced

Triangle has several brand promotion activities at home and abroad. From the beginning of the year, the CHSR trains named by Triangle Tire have been traveling in high speed railways such as Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong, Shanghai-Wuhan-Chongqing, Shanghai-Kunming, Lanzhou-Lianyungang, Harbin-Dalian, Guangdong-Kunming. The Group has also held several brand promotion and new product release events in the United States, Portugal, Spain, Dubai, etc. and joined hands with Pajero Offroad in crossing the Taklimakan Desert. 




8. Triangle Has Positively Fulfilled the Environmental Responsibility and Social Responsibility

The overall energy consumption level for the year has been cut by over 7% on a year-on-year basis. The Group has actively promoted the development of enterprises around the concept of "Ecological Design + Green Manufacturing + Green Products + Green Marketing". In November, the Group has been listed into the Demonstration Enterprises on Green Design of Industrial Products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
In August, the second batch of Triangle Tire Soaring Eagle Charity Fund is granted, benefiting a total of 166 university students in Weihai. Triangle Tire proposes partners to reward the society with love and has launched the 4th Triangle Tire Riding on the Way of Public Welfare Initiative.


9. The Operating Performance Continues to Grow with High Quality
In 2019, though facing economic downturn and blocked international trade, the Group has focused on its main business, strengthened brand building and market expansion, with production and operation reading a new level. In the first three quarters, tire sales volume has increased by 21%, export volume has increased by 28%, and profit has increased by 85%. The labor productivity, per capita operating income and benefits of the Group are taking the lead within the industry. The Group has also achieved high-quality sustained growth of the year.

10. The Company Receives Multiple Honorary Awards

In August, the Group is awarded Model Enterprise in Shandong Province at the Work Conference on Promoting Reform and Implementation of Shandong Province. During the year, the Group has also been awarded honors such as National Model Enterprise on Integrity of Product and Service Quality, Top 100 Auto Parts Manufacturers of China, Top 10 Private Enterprises on Innovation Ability of Shandong Province, High Quality Product of Shandong Province and Renowned Brand of Shandong Province. 

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