Ding Yuhua obtains “the remarkable achievement award” of Weihai Most Influencial Bussiness People

On June 28th 2008, the award ceremony of Weihai Most Influencial Bussiness People in year 2007 was held in the Weihai Blue Sky Hotel. Board Chairman Ding Yuhua of Triangle Group got “the remarkable achivement award”, Chairman Liu Yudang of City political committee and propagandization department attended the award ceremoney and gave a speak.
At the end of year 1990, Ding Yuhua was ordered the president of Shandong tire factory (original name of Triangle Group) on the point of death. From then on, he is always insisting on strenthening the tyre maker position, enlarging the factory size steadily, which realized the harmonious benefit growth of the nation, enterprise and staff, and completed the technology devolopment of four sizes of PC tyre, LT tyre, Heavy Load tyre and OTR tyre early or later, and found two big size production bases for tyre manufacturing, which contents 3,500,000 sets of Truck & Passenger Radial Tyres, 17,000,000 sets of PC & LT Radial Tyres, 200,000 sets of OTR Radial Tyres, total 25,000,000 sets productivity. The company radial prodution rate reaches 85%, and has patented technology more than 90 items. Triangle Group leads a innovation road for Chinese tire making industry. From Ding Yunhua’s post held till now, the company keeps a health stable development trend, and its production scale and synthesis power grows all the time, it realizes the sales revenue 48,000,000,000RMB, profits and taxes 5,400,000,000RMB, delivers the tax money taxes 3,000,000,000 RMB accumulatively. At present, the company’s production capacity reaches more than 22 million sets, and becomes one of the biggest tyre making & export bases which involved in produce, sale and research simultaneously, one leading and flagship company in Weihai.
On September 8th 2007, Board Chairman Ding Yuhua was awarded as “the Weihai meritorious pioneer”. He is always paying attention to the livelihood of the people and warm-hearted at the social commonweal work, the company donates more than ten million RMB to the social commonweal work and education undertaking. During the Weihai “charity month” in 2007, Ding Yuhua represented Triangle Group and donated 40million RMB as the charity foundation, duirng the 5.12 magnitude earthquakes in Wenchuan, Ding Yuhua deployed the production personally to produce 2500sets of tyres for the disaster relief vehicles, donated 450 sets of tyres valued 700,000RMB, and cell on all the staff to donates money positively. In addition, Ding Yuhua positively engages in every measures for energy conservation and environment protection, applies the new technology, new material, new equipment to realize clean production and construct ecology enterprise.
The choosen and evaluation activity of “Weihai Most Influencial Bussiness People” is a big size social commweal propaganda activity, which was held by city propaganda department and Weihai Daily at the end of year 2003. Since the activity was held, with its strict operation, scientific evaluation, widespread participation and good guide demonstration, it was honored as “the Weihai yearly grand occasion in economic circles” for its great influence in all social circles. The Weihai bussiness people choosen and evaluation of year 2007 has firmly grasped the main melody of Weihai scientific development, harmonious development and leading development, which played as the development role.
【Evaluation Committee comments】: advanced ambition, realistic attitude. 5 years tackled the key problems, the giant radial tyres ascended into the global top four corporations, which broke the overseas monopoly myth. 18 years innovation, writes the enterprise brand legend and rebuilt the Chinese tyres station in the world. Relying on the drastic resolute reformation, the dares and courage in competing with the national tyres tycoon, the Group’s scientific research power accumulated many years, he played a excellent jump with stay rod toward the road of Chinese enterprises internationalization. He leads the Weihai rooted enterprises go to the world, and ascends to the first square formation of the world tyre industry.

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