Triangle held the Economic Operation Analysis Meeting for the first five months on July 1st

On June 16, Triangle held the Economic Operation Analysis Meeting for the first five months in the second Conference Room, This is the third Economic Operation Analysis Meeting in this year continuously in view of the stern economic situation. The leadership above minister and the related department first owners attended the conference. President Ding Yuhua made important speech at the meeting.
After hearing the reports by the related department leaders in charge of economic operation analysis, the Chairman, Mr.  Ding Yuhua, had made important speech. He requests that all the people whatever top or bottom level in the company continue to ponder calmly, to make full preparation for facing present stern economic situation positively; He proposed five principles to the people in attendance, and give elaborations one by one. First, the people who do not think over all the problems it may happen can not be successful for long term .And the people who does not consider about everything from the overall situation can not be successful. Second,  it is a hard question : increase benefits and win the market by the low price product depending on the scale, quantity or high added value product depending on the science and technology .Third, the optimization for product, market and industry is the only way of economic social development and the direct correction with progress instead of backward. Fourth, under much pressure, remember we should see the whole instead of parts .Remember competition exists everywhere. The last but not the least is the maximum for share company profit, cash flow and market share.
The president Ding addressed that every superintendents in Triangle should think and act for the whole company, otherwise the manager is not eligible for the post .The price competition has been phase out by the market at present, we have to win the market by high increasing value product. Now the national policy guidance focuses on promoting the status of national economy in the globe instead of the former unsustainable way: cheap labor resources, high pollution and more energy consumption, cheaper foreign currency profit .Therefore, the government set up a series of policies to prevent the blind expansion and development of downstream product and a lot of companies are facing great losses. The industry structure adjustment is very urgent. Although the tire field is not included in the restriction industry, we have to realize the seriousness of the issue. We must estimate the market and adjust the product and market structure as well as shorten time for upgrading product.
The chairman Ding stresses that the era of high cost for enterprise in China arrive in advance. Under this serious situation, changing developing mode becomes the only way for enterprise. Development direction change refers to increase the income by high-technology and high add value. TBR ( Truck and Bus Tire) product is our competitive product. It is very hard for our company to develop if our product has no high add value. We should take advantage of team strength under much pressure. We should be clear of business market just like wars .We should keep maximum increase for the profit, cash flow, and market share of the share company and also assure the  achievement of the goal
Finally, Mr. Ding refers to the thrifty of money .He stresses that we should put emphasis on saving money during the production as much as possible to make sure the capital flow with high efficiency. Every department should be aware of the serious situation and solve its own existed problems. Everyone should make great contributions to Triangle development so as to keep Triangle operation everlasting for hundreds years.

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