Mr. Jiang Yikang, Secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, came to Triangle Group for inspe
    On May 30, the secretary of CPCC of Shandong province, Mr. Jiang Yikang came to our Company for inspection. Mr. Ding Yuhua, President of Triangle, Mr. Hou Rucheng, Ms. Shan Guoling accompanied with Mr. Jiang to visit Triangle Huasheng Tire Company together.
Those accompanying people including Provincial Party committee member, Secretary General, Mr. Wang Min and Weihai Municipal party committee Secretary, Mr. Wang Peiting, and the Mayor Sun ShuTao. The top leaders of Triangle accompanied with Mr. Jiang to visit the Huasheng Tire Company together.
During the visiting in the company, Mr Jiang first hearing the report from Mr Ding, secretary of CPCC in Triangle and the president of Triangle .After learning the situation of production and operation, he praised the scientific management and standard of the company and also had affirmed the scientific development conception and promote the innovation of management and technology.
Then, Mr. Jiang visited the PCR production line and OTR production line with great interesting. Mr Jiang watched carefully and discuss with Mr Ding continuously when he arrive new place.
During the visiting in the PCR workshop, Mr Jiang slowed down the steps and watched all the process of tire production in front of TBM.
At the product exhibition hall, Mr jiang asks about the method and process for new product research and great achievement awarded by the company in recent years.  When learning the OTR gets the first prize as the National progress of Science & technology, Mr Jiang is very happy.     He stands for long time in front of the certificate.
He encouraged increasing the science and technology input unceasingly, enhancing the technology content of the product, and develop with the method of science and technology innovation. Afterward, Mr Jiang Yikang is taking a souvenir photo before a large OTR meridian tire with Mr Ding and some Triangle leaders.
In front of the OTR X-ray machine, Mr Jiang asks about the quality control of the product. Hearing the OTR reach the international advanced level and triangle ha been as the OEM supplier of Carter Pillar , Top 500 Company in the globe Mr Jiang gives more praise for the strong innovation ability and strict quality control.
Mr Jiang says to Mr. Ding: Well done! Hope strength research and innovation ability to enhance the competition of the product and enterprise .Hope do everything well enthusiastically with the guidance of scientific development conception and human as first element and balance the relations between the rapid development and the scientific development

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