Triangle Idustry Park 10 million units of high performance radial tire Foundation laying ceremony
foundation laying ceremony, triangle industry garden first phase 10 million set of high performance radial tire project official operation.   
    The weihai city leaders, Mr. Wang Peiting, Mr. Dong Jinyou, Mr. Ma Shihe attended the foundation laying ceremony, and together with triangle group leader Ding Yuhua earths up lays a foundation for triangle industry Park. President Ding Yuhua gave a speech at the ceremony.
    Triangle Vice President Shan Guoling presided the foundation laying ceremony.
    Triangle industry garden project located at Weihai industry garden, total area approximately 2600 Chinese acres. The first stage of triangle industry garden project occupies 800 Chinese acres mainly for constructing yearly production 8 million sets of high performance passenger radial tire and yearly production 2 million sets of truck & bus radial tire production line, as well as yearly production  50,0000 ton mixed rubber of mixing workshop.
    The first stage project will introduce d radial tire advanced production equipment as well as partial domestic produced equipment, for produce present market salable of high quality, the high performance, high load, high speed rank, gas saving radial tire products. After the project completes and put into production, the sales revenue increased every year will be 5 billion Yuan.
    Following picture is the foundation laying ceremony scene.

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