Triangle Group awarded for the scientific and technological ability for innovation by Weihai Municip
  In the mornig of Feb. 18, Weihai Independent Innovation Meeting was held and the Weihai Municipal Committee and Weihai Government awarded one million RMB to Triangle Group for its honored the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress. 
  At the 2007 National Science and Technology Rewarding Convention recently held, the project of Giant Radial OTR production technology and equipment development awarded the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress. It is the first time of Weihai City to gain the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress, and it is also the first time the Tire Industry to obtain the highest level of Science and Technology award. It means the Independent Innovation ability and Core competition of Weihai City and the Tire Industy get great breakthrough.
  Depending on this technology breakthroug, Triangle Group is the only one chniese company to provide OE OTR tires to Engineering Equipment Companies listed on world top 500. Now Triangle has the annual prodoctivity of two hundred thousand pieces of OTR tires and is the forth biggest manufacture in the world. Over 90% will be sold to the top grade markets of overseas. Its high added value creates good economic and benefits. Meanwhile, the successful development of this project will promotes the Science and Tchnology progress and Industy construction upgrade of Weihai City and National Tire Industry.
  in the past many years, Weihai has taken the Science and Technology Progress and Independent Innovation as the focus of changing growing mode. Putting “ Science and Education developing Weihai ” strategy into practice vigorously, promoting “Production-Study-Reserch Cooperation” Innovation and Invention and Creation continuousely. In order to encourage precursors, mobilize the enthusiasm fully of all the companies’ independent innovation, increasing the core competition of companies, promote the Science and Technology Independent Innovation of Weihai City to a higher level, Weihai Municipal Committee and Government decided to commend Triangle Group and give one million RMB for awarding the first prize of  National Science and Technology Progress.
  Mr. Cui Yuechen, Secretaryof Municipal Committee of the CPC, Mr. Wang Peiting, Mayor of Weihai Government, Mr. Zhai Luning, Director-General of the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province attended the convention and made addrees and to show affirmation to the efforts of Science and Technology Innovation of Triangle Group.

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