Startup of Triangle Group BSC strategy management project

On Oct. 20, 2008, the startup of Triangle Group BSC strategy management project was held at the No. 4 Meeting Room. There are about 200 persons attend the meeting including Section chiefs and above of Triangle Group, BSC coordinators. Vice President Shan Guoling presided the meeting.
Madam Shan Guoling, Vice President introduced the people of BSC team to all participates and readouted the documents of BSC project organization. Mr. Ding Yuhua, the Board Chairman and President, made mobilization report at the meeting.
Mr. Ding Yuhua said, it is the key period for the company development. Participating the global competition, the key of success or failure will depend on management, which is the standpoint insistented by us in a long term. Increasing the team executive force is a quite realism and imperious problem facing to us. Balanced Scored Card will promote employee and coperation grow up very well. BSC will give comprehensive performance appraisal from Finance, Customer, staff and process. The one of them is to enhance the quality and ability of staff continuousely. Taking the performance management as one basic power to promote the growth of individuals and the growth of individual and company development will be combined strongly.
Mr. Ding Yuhua stressed, through implementation of BSC project, our goal is: one the base of definiting the overview and goal of company, distincting the strategy development direction of Triangle Group, teasing the comprehensive “Route diagram” of the strategy and it is also the employee’s route diagram. It will assist those decision makers focus on the emphases of stategy development of Triangle and relieve them from daily work so as to pay their more energy and time to consider and deploy the strategy work. Forming well defined develop strategy and putting them into each unit of Triangle Group to build up BSC strategy system and performance management system with the core of corporation strategy.
BSC came into being in 1990. Up to now, it has 17 years old. In recent years, It becomes one of the more popular brand new strategy management methods at abroad. This mode can change the strategy into measurable indeces. Many enterprises of the world adopted this management system to replace traditional systems due to its advantages.       in the startup meeting, the specialist of BSC, President Madam Sun Yongling made address and preside the project training.
Following photos are the site scene of the meeting.

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