Company BSC strategy review conference convened for the first time
    On May 13, Triangle Group held January to April BSC (Balance Scorecard) strategic review meeting in the fifth conference room of synthesis building. Wei Nan, the chief of strategy management office preside the conference, Triangle vice President Hou Rucheng and Shan Guoling, also with the principals from various department attended the conference, the BSC strategy adviser Sun Yongling attended the conference.
At the meeting, the chief of strategy management office Wei Nan report the achievement of Triangle strategy chart and scorecard, specially analyses Triangle Group’ overall profit, income, cost expense situation as well as every subsidiary companies operating condition. Afterward the finance department, Huada company, Huajin company, Hua'an company, raw material purchase department, truck and bus technology department, bias tire technology department, the OTR radial tire technology department, the standardized administrative office, mixing and bias tire factory, the OTR radial tire service department, the passenger car tire service department, the truck &bus sales department, all of above principals report the complete situation of their key strategic target.
The company strategic review mainly reported following two aspects: January to April group strategic target review analysis, problems and the improvement suggestion. Specially compared the company profit, income, finished product stock, receivable account and so on operation index between different services department, and discovered disparity, to make clear of improvement direction. Meanwhile particularly analysis every subsidiary companies’ operating condition, exposed many problems existed in present management, and gave improvement comment.
Afterward, the conference draw the ministry and office level unit at random to make related report. The principal of every departments discovered insufficiency of normal work together with attending personnel, and make clear of improvement direction.
At the meeting, Triangle vice president Shan Guoling praised some departments that understand the BSC strategy deeper and profound, proposed improvement opinion for work bad department, and set requirement for various departments' BSC work. She said that BSC tool lies in lets each superintendent jump out department's small group, stands in company strategy angle looked at their own department, examine their work achievements whether play support's role for the company strategy, compare each target achievement situation through every services department, branch factory, and between parent company and subsidiary, discovers the disparity, exposes existed problems, and finally solves all problems. Hoped that every superintendents can clamp down himself, make his own goal according to company’s aim, overcome the selfish departmentalism thought, so each Operating division, management department, especially the subsidiary company should combine their own work to consider how to reduces cost and expense, and creates benefit for the company.
Dr. SunYongling appraised achievement of BSC strategy chart obtained from the company management, and proposed suggestion for the strategy chart’s usage, hoped the BSC strategy chart used by Triangle and embody its maximal vale.

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