Triangle Group held the middle managements conference

On May 6, Triangle Group held middle management conference in the fourth conference room of the Office Building, principals of each departments attended the conference. party committee secretary assistant Wei Nan managed the conference, Triangle finance and so on seven department's principal make the economic analysis report at the meeting respectively, President Ding Yuhua gave an important speech..
After heard every department principal’s economic analysis report, president Ding Yuhua said: from January to April, Triangle made some progress in energy conservation and production enhancement aspects, the major economic target has a certain growth compared with the same time of last year. But for triangle group the year of 2008 is an extremely challenging year, when facing the stern situation that domestic and foreign economic marches into “the cold winter”, Ding Yuhua stressed that: Triangle must make preparation for long-term “winters”, must have enthusiasm with high cognition and unite together, take a series of effective measures for global market and internal management to pass the economical decay stage.
Ding Yuhua said in the speech, recently, the national capital committee Director Li Rongrong indicated in national business conference: for Chinese economy not only this year but also next year it would be the “winter”, the cold season. Since a period, the international and domestic development environment has changed. The outside and internal environment are stern. The rate change and bloating pressure factors indicated that our economic development of low cost time soon ended, industrial structure's adjustment pressure is getting bigger and bigger, we can not prevent some matters appeared but we should not  accomplish nothing for these problems also not flinched. To these matters, we have ability to front completely, to change, to adjust our structure, to improve our management, to strengthen our core competitiveness, and to reach our goal.
In the speech, Ding Yuhua analyzed now Triangle existed issue and advance requirement for how to change thought and improve management. He said for existed problem, we must realize its grim, must realize environment change We Cannot use past thought to meet problem or to manage work. For work we must analyze promptly, and cannot only display the digit, we must analyze real issue hidden by some digital thoroughly, to find the reason, to find its for the person, technical or the cost. If the analysis exact, then we will find means then the problem will be solved.
President Ding Yuhua emphasized that Triangle Group is in development crucial phase, we must concentrate on various aspect management, raise efficiency and reduced cost. Everybody must buildup group, strengthen the foundation management, solve quality, production capability, equipment management and person's responsibility issue. For unusual period with very stern judgment look at present economic situation, closely encircle company’s development strategy and principal goal, do well of respective work.

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