Triangle Group offered compassion to disaster area
On May 13th,Triangle Group CPCC give out the urgent proposal and summon all the staffs in Triangle donating money and offer compassion to the disaster area .All the people ,from top to bottom ,responded  positively and donated generously after receiving the written proposal. Chairman Ding Yuhua took the lead to contribute money and simultaneously donates 450sets of truck tires on behalf of Triangle Company.
He summoned all triangle people that the order of the philanthropic deeds is not important so long as everybody show a special compassion, our compassion philanthropic deeds can also certainly accumulates the warm current flows in the disaster area populace's heart. Let us share hardships with the disaster area people and together overcome the difficulty! The staff on leave and the working staff come to donate without any consent. The female pregnant staff working in information management office move with difficulty to donate on site, without listening colleague’s advice.
The contribution people queue forms the long line spontaneously at the donation site in the front of the working building. The foreign expert also joined in the donation queue. The South Korea manager in the division company came to donate 10,000 Yuan specially after hearing the news for donation. Mrs. Cong, working in HuaPing company, one of Triangle division company, donated again on behalf of his father after donation 100 Yuan. When asked why you donate again, she answers: I donate this time on behalf of my old father because he is not very healthy and moves with difficulty after retirement from Triangle .the continuous reports on the disaster these days make the old people dropping much tears .Hearing the donation news in Triangle, the old people take out 400 Yuan immediately for donation and entrust his daughter to donate instead of his family as old Triangle people ’heartful compassion.
Small drops of sentimental loving accumulate the large rivers of compassion, until May 16th the first round of donation for disaster-stricken area is over. The 450 sets of tires have been delivered by the special car to the quake zone with the hope, affection and enthusiasm of Triangle people.

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