Triangle Group and the Internal Revenue Bureau signed mutual agreement.

In the morning of June 10, Triangle Group and the Internal Revenue Bureau of Weihai held the tax business meeting in the Baiyun Hotel and signed the agreement. The accompany attendances at this signing ceremony including, Mr. Wang Peiting, General Secretary of CPCC in Weihai City, Mr. Cui Yuanchao, Chief Minister of City Internal Revenue Bureau and Mr. Ding Yuhua, Mr. Hou Rucheng and Ms. Shan GuoLing.
Firstly, the minister of Internal Revenue Service in WeiHai city make remarks and he said:  Triangle insist on putting the national interests on the first place all the time and fulfill the duty abiding by the national tax policy strictly. Until now, the accumulated tax money contributed to the country amount to nearly 4 billion with an annual growth rate of above25%, economic efficiency and the tax handed to the country occupy the domestic profession first place continuously in lasting eight years. Hoping agreement signing between Triangle and Tax bureau can build the exchanges and cooperation platform, strengthens the mutual connection and the support, together making great contribution for economic promotion and social development.
Then, the president of Triangle make the important speech and he stress that the development of the enterprise can not depart the favorable relations and great support and good service from the Tax Bureau. Regardless of the new project or production and operation of the enterprise, all levels of the tax bureau think for the enterprise and deal with the relationship between law execution and service. Triangle also fulfill the duty to pay the tax according to the law with credit and develop and feedback to the society as its own mission. Realization for the maximum interests of the nation, workers, and society is the aim and the foundation of the enterprise to serve the social duty. This agreement between enterprise and the tax bureau shows the inspiration of mutual development and the general goal for developing with harmony.
Wang Pei yan said : the agreement between both sides is the great achievement of the new round of emancipating the mind , it is also the vivid illustration of behavior change and service for the enterprise development.  From this year ,Triangle made great effort to overcome a series of adverse problems ,such as raw material price rising , electricity and coal shortage , lacking of money, and improve internal management to save management costs possibly ,maximum realizing the increase of production amount ,sales income , and revenue . Wei Hai Internal Revenue Service enhance the tax enforcement and cultivate the tax source of tax, support the enterprise bigger and stronger with a solid objection of civilized tax service and serve for enterprise. This signed agreement shows the determination and action of the national tax system to serve and support the enterprise. It is hoped that both sides can fulfill the agreement earnestly and set up communication mechanism for strengthening  communication and cooperation so as to reach the mutual development .

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