Triangle Group develops 33.00R51 Giant OTR Tire Sucessfully
After 27.00R49★★TB526S Giant OTR tire being developed successfully, and smoothly being marketed, a new member was added up into Triangle’s OTR tire products. At 6:38 on November 27, 2008, 33.00R51★★TL588 pattern giant OTR tire came out Sucessfully in the workshop of OTR, which supply a gap of company’s products of auto unload giant OTR Tire above 35 inch.
This size of tyre will supply for 100 ton heavy mineral trucks, the load velocity may reach above 50km/h, the working environment is extreme bad harsh, mainly for large-scale open-air mine, coal field and so on. .The height of tire is 3.108 3.108 meters, the weight reaches as high as 2.30 tons, which is biggest diameter, also largest size of OTR tire for the heavy mineral auto load trucks of Triangle Group at present.
Because the using conditions of the heavy truck Auto load tire are exceptionally rigor, and it is strict to tire's quality requirement, the tire technology development and the process is also very difficult, all the technical personnel unceasingly demonstrated, tested repeated and tries to find out the innovation positively under concern and the instruction from Company Leaders who are at all levels,, they has completed the 33.00R51 specification design and the trial manufacturing finally. The cords of ply is specific for giant OTR ply cord which is new developed and enable the tyre to firm durable. The tread rubber uses ultra wear-resisting, the ultra anti-cutting formula, enables the tire to have outstanding anti-cutting, wear-resisting and the anti-thorn grips the performance.
The successfully being developed of the 33.00R51OTR tyre symbolizes that Triangle group has taken a solid step in the design and development of Giant OTR tire.

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