Triangle Group Obtains the 2008 Shandong Quality Management Award

On December 1, Shandong bureau of quality and technical supervision publicized the enterprise list who obtain the 2008 Shandong quality management award, and Triangle Group obtained the prize again since it got it in Year 2005.

The Shandong Quality Management Award is the highest honor of quality management in Shandong province that established by the government legally, The award’s appraisal bases on practising scientific development, promoting ecomomic civilization, and strengthening the province’s construction. It emphasizes the requests in enterprises’ Advanced Technology, Independent Intellectual Property, Invention Patent, Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction, Safety Production, etc.

For many years, the company promotes its brand strategy that take the technnology, quality and market as its core point, and unceasingly perfects its quality control work. From year 2004, the company comprehensively carried out the remarkable achievements management and six sigma managements, established a better quality management system, and got the province’s highest quality management award in 2005--“the Shandong quality management award”, which enhanced Triangle tire's social prestige and its brand fame, increased the customer’s satisfaction and good reputation, and built up a good society image for the enterprise. At present, the company is the long term OE tyre supplier for nearly 40 automobile manufacters, such as China Duty Heavy Truck Corp., FAM, DFAC, Shaanxi Autobmobile Group Corp., SGMW, Chongqing Chang An, Suzuki, Qirui, Huatai, etc., as well as Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, Shandong Construction Machinery Group Co. Ltd, XGMA, Liu Gong, etc. And the company established international strategic partner relationships with the world top 500 enterprises, such as Caterpillar, Libohaier, Volvo. And its sales networks for replace market can be found across China and they are exported to over 160 countries and regions.

The “Shandong Province Quality Management Award”that the company obtained again is the Shandong quality manament department’s affirmation for its good quality management, it positively effect the promotion of company’s quality management level and acceleration of the company’s development.

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