Triangle Group Business Conference was held in 2009

December 26, 2008 , Triangle Group 2009 Business Conference held in Weihai Chishan Hotel , 210 partners from across the country gathered to jointly develop the new year cooperation plan . Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Dongjin You , assistant mayor Liu Guangming , the company leadership Ding Yuhua , a single country -ling , Wang Wenhao , attended the meeting . Ding Yuhua , chairman of an important speech at the meeting was entitled " firm belief, ambition to establish a good grasp of the crisis opportunities turn pressure into motivation , a comprehensive global strategy to promote further cooperation and development" . Vice- ling single country chaired the meeting .
At the meeting, Henan Eastcom With more than 40 partners in 2008 Triangle tires excellent marketing performance , were awarded three stars Excellent Strategic Partnership Award in 2008 and 2009 Honor Triangle Group , and were rewarded corresponding amount of Triangle Group . A total of more than 40 partners to get the company 11 million yuan reward.
Triangle Group chairman Ding Yuhua important speech at the meeting was entitled " firm belief, ambition to establish a good grasp of the crisis opportunities turn pressure into motivation , a comprehensive global strategy to promote further cooperation and development" . He reviewed the past year 's achievements Triangle Group , analyzed the current situation and on the 2009 development goals and implement measures to all partners and participants were introduced.
Ding Yuhua said that in 2008 , in the face of severe and complicated economic situation, Triangle Group independent innovation as the first power , close business friends to join hands with you , stubborn strain , and always adhere to the development task, and achieved certain results and new developments . About the past 2008 was an extraordinary year for international and domestic macroeconomic situation changed significantly year. From an economic cycle perspective, "hot" , " cold" intersection, ups and downs , until the outbreak of full-fledged crisis , rarely seen in history ; from the crisis scale, originating from the United States quickly spread worldwide , quickly spread from the financial markets to the real economy, the various national, regional and industry spared ; from the extent of the damage to see , in many areas have caused a devastating blow , a large number of corporate bankruptcy, social economy into recession.
Changes in the macroeconomic situation and its impact on the automotive and tire industries have on our early estimates somewhat . In the tire Association Conference held in April , I have talked about the rubber tire industry is experiencing " the most difficult period since the founding ." For this reason, the production and management, we proposed and identified the "market share as the core, to maximize cash flow , to achieve better efficiency ," the guidelines internally. Through the efforts of the past year , we have close business friends to join hands with you , in all areas , the strong support of our friends to brave attitude to face challenges , tenacious strain , difficulties, and achieved certain results and new development. The company's technology and technological innovation capacity has been further improved. In new products, new materials, new processes, new technologies have made great achievements : the development of studded snow tires , military bulletproof tires, light truck radial tire for agricultural , light winter tires , 33.00R51 giant OTR 121 other new product specifications an additional 70 national patents , giant OTR tire production technology and equipment national Science and Technology progress Award , the highest award become available since the founding of the rubber industry , triangle giant tire products have successfully entered the international market , after careful inspection and field use the experiment , the effect can be comparable with international standards , breaking the monopoly of the international market , and further enhance the company 's market competitiveness.
For each partner achievements made in 2008 , Ding Yuhua congratulated and thanked the contribution they make to the triangle .
Commenting on the current situation and future measures , the Ding Yuhua , we will face more severe and complex economic situation, the development of severe challenges and variables will be increasingly huge potential risk of increasing difficulty and pressure will also escalating. Faced with an increasingly grim economic situation, we are seeking to survive in a crisis , and development in the gap can be expected on the road to development will encounter more difficulties and huge problem. We have to face up to the crisis , strong faith, ambition to establish a good grasp of the crisis opportunities , turn pressure into motivation , drive power under pressure , and comprehensively promote the further development of global strategic cooperation .
Ding Yuhua that the development of things are showing "wave " type , there is a certain cycle regularity , especially in a market economy . Currently, the world economic downturn , increased difficulty , consumer demand stagnation, into the " trough ." But the so-called " trough " can also be considered a " period of adjustment ." In a certain sense , the economic crisis is the economic field metabolism, reform and innovation. Any time of crisis in history , behind both eliminate a number of the old stuff , but also to develop a number of nascent advanced things , this is the eternal rule. The key depends on who dominate the development of things , depends on our belief that there is no , there is no opportunity in the crisis to seek to improve themselves in crisis. Who can seize the opportunity to go ahead and make the adjustment and adaptation to upgrade , for example: adjustment of development mode , adjust the structure and layout of the market channel adjustment, etc. , who will survive and to develop.
Ding Yuhua said that , after 30 years of development, the company has grown into a triangle with the ability of the different regions , different areas, different groups, different levels of consumption needs to provide a comprehensive tire production base product. First, the scale and variety can be adapted to the global market , the company 's product variety has reached 3000 , to meet consumer demand for domestic and foreign markets a variety of products . Among them, the all-steel radial tires , including light, medium and heavy trucks of 41 specifications, semi-steel radial tires from 12 inches to 24 inches, from the P -level to Y level of 170 specifications, OTR has a relatively sound products capable of producing 51 -inch all of the following products. Second, the performance can be comparable with international companies , especially in the price, we can compete with any brand . Third, with a wide range of domestic and international marketing network and market access. Both the OE market , but also the replacement market ; existing mature European markets, there is growing and developing in the second and third world markets ; global market both multinational strategic partners , there are excellent local Chinese partner regional markets ; integrated mix partners operate both types of products , but also operates in a single product , the development potential of the professional partners. These are the real foundation of our sustainable development.
Ding Yuhua stressed that we must grasp the opportunity in the crisis . He said that the economic crisis is fair for everyone . The arrival of the crisis , to the people to create a more level playing field . Thousands of current Chinese domestic tire companies living environment is the best time to clean and re-shuffle , " left for the king ." The face of this crisis, we have to long-term " winter" to accelerate adaptation marketing strategy. We have always believed : the law of development of economic globalization has not changed, the strategic opportunities for China's development has not changed ; tire industry continues to move forward , to expand and develop prospects have not changed ; Triangle companies with long-term and common friends , faith and win-win development has not changed if we turn pressure into motivation , a good grasp of the crisis opportunities , identify market entry point , so that " like the devil spirit , like wolves , like teamwork , like rats of the same will burrow ", you will be able to win new victories.
Ding Yuhua said that 2009 will mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the country , subjected to market competition and economic crisis, the double baptism , triangle and development of all partners will also be entering a new era, in a wider area , and a higher level of acceptance the challenges of economic globalization. Our theme is win-win and career development , the ultimate goal of our business is " to bring social progress , creating civilization for mankind ." Firmly believe that all the leaders of the care and support of our friends , we will be able triangle with the courage to challenge and overcome the crisis in the future, leading to large-scale development will be able to go better on the road tomorrow , go further !
At the meeting, Weihai Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Dongjin You on behalf of the municipal government for the Triangle Group congratulated the achievements . He said that in this particular period, the full support of enterprises, especially large enterprises such development triangle of great significance and far-reaching . He said he hoped Triangle Group to seize current opportunities inherent challenges , confidence, difficulties in the economic development of the industry as its mission to revitalize the Chinese tire brand as the goal to accelerate management innovation , technological innovation, market innovation expand market share, improve the ability of independent innovation , accelerate the pace of internationalization, to achieve leapfrog development in response to the crisis .
Vice Chairman single country Ling , vice president Huat Eng participants at the meeting were briefed to truck and bus tires and OTR Division , cars and light truck tire division .
The new chairman and other directors of the Company , Henan Eastcom six partners to speak at the meeting to communicate and express their close work with the triangle , the development of win-win confidence.
State Patent Office of guests and Phoenix , Qilu Evening News and other media reporters attended the meeting.
Another hearing : 26 evening , " the tide Cantabile " awards gala held at the Chishan Hotel Triangle troupe of cooperation partners and guests attended the company 's Business Conference presented a wonderful show. The party , by the Vice Chairman of the creation of a single nation -ling recite poem " tide Cantabile " will show to a climax . CLS passionate Chapters depicts three decades of reform and opening triangular development journey , majestic diction reflects the strength of character of the human spirit Triangle , to the participants of the different periods of reproduction join hands with friends from all walks of entrepreneurial pioneering historical picture . Gala awards event was held at the same time , to have achieved outstanding results over the years and triangular cooperation in the business sector awarded prizes and certificates.

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