Promotion ceremony of “Accelerating construction of the project of high-performance, green

On the morning of April 8th, Construction promotion ceremony of the project of high-performance, green, and environmentally-safe radial tires was held in Triangle Industrial Park, municipal officials, Wang Peiting, Liu Yudang, Ma Shihe, Dong Jinyou, Zhang Jian, and Zhao Xidian attended the ceremony, Secretary of municipal committee of the CPC--Wang Peiting made an important speech, Dong Jinyou presided over the ceremony, president of Triangle - Ding Yuhua also made an address in the ceremony.

Triangle Industrial Park project is located in Weihai New Industrial District, with a total area of 2600 mu, the project sticks to the guidelines of “Low-carbon, Green, High-efficiency, and Environmentally-safe”, with the purpose of building an advanced tire manufacturing base which can represent the development direction of global tire industry. Phase-1 project is high-performance, green and environmentally-safe tire production line. The new production lines, from plant design to manufacturing process control, were guided by Scientific Outlook with a representation of ecological development. Especially, the project aims to improve development level of Chinese tire industry by using creative minds and patent technologies, as well as focusing on the key aspects of green energy utilization, reduction of greenhouse gas, comprehensive utilization of water resources, smoke and gas purification and disposition, and recycling of surplus heat used in cure, for building an information-based automatic production line. Phase-1 project includes a new TBR plant with an annual capacity of 700,000 units and a mixing plant with 50,000 tons’ mixing capacity. Plant construction area is 350,000 square meters; the plant will be put into use by the end of this year.

Since the beginning of year 2008, facing global economic situation, Triangle Group had made serious consideration to have grasped the opportunities in the economic crisis. Triangle had used global market development strategy to deal with all kinds of complicated issues and challenges brought by the crisis. Triangle had outlived the most severe crisis in the past one century, which made Triangle still keeps developing in the storms of the market. In year 2008, our annual turnover is 11.6 billion RMB, and tax paid to the government is 400 million RMB. The construction of Phase-1 project of 700,000 units of high-performance, green, environmentally-safe tires will play a positive driving role for the overall upgrade of industry structure in Triangle Group.

Secretary of municipal committee of the CPC--Wang Peiting made an important speech, he pointed out that, Triangle had set a good example for other companies in Weihai with the vision of globalization strategy, global marketing and sales orientation, as well as seeking opportunities in the financial crisis. The construction of the project of high-performance, green and environmentally-safe tires will have a great significance on the municipal policy of “Promoting development, enlarging domestic demand, and keeping economic growth”.

Wang Peiting emphasized that, Triangle’s development spirit of keeping moving and the magnificent goal of building the largest high-performance, green and environmentally-safe radial tire manufacturing base in China makes everyone feel excited. After the completion of the project, it will undoubtedly become a new high light in building high-tech industries area in Shandong peninsula. Government agencies of each level and related departments, especially electricity supply department, water supply department, gas supply department should make full efforts to do a good job in cooperation and service. Enterprise specials also need to play a active and substantial role, and further intensify the implementation of the concepts of “Enterprise creates fortune, while the government creates environment” and “Company handles matters inside the company, while the government handles matters outside the company” to ensure the smooth progress of the project, and also to ensure Triangle’s target of total capacity of 40 million units can be realized in the next three to five years. Wang Peiting hopes that, workers in Triangle should take the momentum of this project, grasp the potential opportunities in the financial crisis, focus on improvement of both scale and business running, and make arduous efforts for realizing the target of annual turnover of 20 billion RMB in year 2011.

Startup scene of the ceremony:

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