Deputy Secretary of Shandong provincial committee of the CPC and provincial governor—Jiang Daming in

On June 1st, Deputy Secretary of Shandong provincial committee of the CPC and provincial governor—Jiang Daming inspected Triangle Industrial Park with the company of municipal officials—Wang Peiting, Sun Shutao, Zhang Jian, Xu Dongsheng, etc.

In the inspection, president of Triangle Group—Ding Yuhua made a report about production and business running status to Jiang Daming, who spoke highly of Triangle’s achievements after the report. Jiang Daming said, Weihai has solid manufacturing basis and a promising development trend. Triangle Group should make full use of the development opportunity of building high-tech industries clustering district, to promote upgrade of traditional industry with modern technology, to develop high-tech, to speed up self-innovation and cooperation between production and research, also, to promote construction of innovation platform and develop core technology with own intellectual property so as to proceed to the vantage point of the industry. On the construction site of Triangle Industrial Park, president of Triangle--Ding Yuhua made a specific report about construction layout and progress of the project to Jiang Daming.

After hearing the report from Ding Yuhua, Jiang Daming said, as an important corporation in Shandong province, Triangle Group always adopts amazing measures to deal with all kinds of unusual difficulties, key investments in Triangle had increased rapidly, corporation has taken substantial steps in development. Triangle also did a good job in fulfilling social responsibility and environmental protection. Jiang Daming hopes that Triangle takes the opportunity of deepening study and practice of scientific outlook, to adopt positive measures to promote optimization and upgrade of industry to achieve a fast and healthy development of Triangle, so as to make greater contribution to social stability and harmonious development.

Picture on the right: Jiang Daming visited Triangle Industrial Park with the company of president--Ding Yuhua.

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